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  • Sur le centre des récompenses VIP :...
    le 10 août 2022 à 15 h 44 min

    Pendant que les américains se régalent avec des cadeaux en plastique, LEGO nous récompense avec du papier : vous pouvez maintenant échanger 600 de vos points VIP contre un lot de quatre cartes […]

  • LEGO 90th Anniversary Mini Castle :...
    le 10 août 2022 à 8 h 52 min

    L'enseigne US Walmart offre actuellement sous condition d'achat un joli petit produit promotionnel que je n'ai pas encore vu en France, il faudra donc passer via le marché secondaire pour l'obtenir […]

  • Sur le Shop LEGO : Le set LEGO Harry...
    le 9 août 2022 à 18 h 54 min

    LEGO reprend la main suite à l'erreur logistique qui a saboté le plan marketing initialement défini autour du set LEGO Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition : le set de 5129 […]

  • Grosse boulette chez LEGO : le set LEGO...
    le 9 août 2022 à 14 h 30 min

      C'est une erreur logistique chez LEGO qui nous permet aujourd'hui de découvrir le set LEGO Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition, une grosse boite de 5129 pièces qui sera […]

  • Concours : Un exemplaire du set LEGO...
    le 9 août 2022 à 9 h 01 min

    On profite aujourd'hui de la boulette de LEGO qui nous permet de découvrir le contenu du set 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition via les canaux habituels pour lancer un nouveau concours dans […]

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  • Kiwi teen breaks world record for most...
    le 11 août 2022 à 10 h 30 min

    Appearing on several news channels today are articles about a New Zealand teenager who has broken a Guinness World Record for the most carriages in a LEGO toy train. Read on as I describe how this […]

  • Review: 21187 The Red Barn
    le 11 août 2022 à 9 h 00 min

    We always try to have subject matter experts write our reviews which often requires us to look beyond our usual team of reviewers. For this Minecraft set I enlisted the help of 8-year-old William, […]

  • Random set of the day: Wind-Up Motor
    le 11 août 2022 à 1 h 01 min

    Today's random set is 5223 Wind-Up Motor, released during 2001. It's one of 9 Technic sets produced that year. It contains 41 pieces, and its retail price was US$10. It's owned by 72 Brickset […]

  • Random part of the day: Brick 1X4X1...
    le 11 août 2022 à 0 h 01 min

    Today's random part is 13547, 'Brick 1X4X1 Inv. Bow', which is a System part, category Bricks With Bows And Arches. Our members collectively own a total of 4,112,647 of them. If you'd like to buy […]

  • 90th anniversary LEGO auction at...
    le 10 août 2022 à 13 h 28 min

    A special LEGO auction featuring many collectors' items being sold by JB Spielwaren is currently running on Catawiki. Among the lots are the original UCS 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon […]

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  • Looking for a Princess Bride build? As...
    le 11 août 2022 à 19 h 00 min

    You'll never survive the Fire Swamp, as depicted by builder Christoph Foulger. But then again, I'm only saying that because no one ever has The post Looking for a Princess Bride build? As you wish! […]

  • A hero in danger needs to maintain...
    le 11 août 2022 à 16 h 25 min

    Nikita Nikolsky thrills us with this clever superhero build. The post A hero in danger needs to maintain perspective appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • There’s still Life On Mars
    le 11 août 2022 à 1 h 00 min

    Reaching back to the long forgotten year of 2001, Djokson breathes new life into the sand purple elements from the Life on Mars theme. The post There’s still Life On Mars appeared first on The […]

  • An ogre breaks wind (mill)
    le 10 août 2022 à 19 h 00 min

    An ogre can make life difficult for the inhabitants of this medieval windmill as illustrated by this new diorama built by Peter Revan. The post An ogre breaks wind (mill) appeared first on The […]

  • Miniature model of St. Andrew’s...
    le 10 août 2022 à 13 h 00 min

    Christian Rau gives us a delightful miniature model of the famous St. Andrew's church sitting high above the city of Kyiv The post Miniature model of St. Andrew’s Church, Kyiv appeared first on The […]

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  • Marcos Bessa Leaves LEGO Harry Potter...
    le 11 août 2022 à 18 h 59 min

    LEGO Design Master, Marcos Bessa, has announced that the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition (76405) is his last project as Design Lead for the theme. This does not mean that […]

  • LEGO Travel Postcard and Sticker Set...
    le 11 août 2022 à 12 h 40 min

    If you’re into collecting postcards, the LEGO Rewards Center has a Travel Postcard and Sticker Set that you can redeem. Costing 600 VIP points, the pack includes a postcard of the Taj Mahal […]

  • LEGO 90th Anniversary Mini Castle...
    le 10 août 2022 à 12 h 53 min

    Walmart is celebrating LEGO 90 Years of Play with an exclusive 90th Anniversary Mini Castle offer. The build features a mini version of the Yellow Castle (375) with a 90 Years of Play tile. All you […]

  • LEGO Celebrates 90th Anniversary
    le 10 août 2022 à 12 h 28 min

    Today LEGO celebrates their 90th anniversary and is holding their first World Play Day. LEGO is holding various activities around the world for their 90 Years of Play. Building the LEGO® Legacy – […]

  • LEGO Ideas Mata Nui Rises (Bionicle...
    le 10 août 2022 à 2 h 18 min

    Mata Nui Rises (Bionicle Tribute Set) by Axelford is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. Just in time for B10NICLE Day tomorrow, the 2,077 piece build features Mata Nui, […]

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  • LEGO 90th Anniversary Mini Castle...
    le 10 août 2022 à 16 h 06 min

    Walmart U.S United States is celebrating LEGO’s 90th Anniversary with an exclusive offer. Spend $50 or more on qualifying LEGO sets at Wal-Mart and you … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO […]

  • LEGO September 2022 New Sets Releases...
    le 10 août 2022 à 13 h 05 min

    Fall September 2022 is coming up in a few more weeks. Fall September 2022 will have several new LEGO set releases at LEGO Shop at … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO September 2022 New Sets […]

  • LEGO IDEAS Mata Nui Rises Bionicle...
    le 10 août 2022 à 13 h 00 min

    The latest LEGO IDEAS project creation to achieve 10 000 supporters is LEGO IDEAS Mata Nui Rises Bionicle Tribute Set Project Creation by Axelford. Congrats!  Once … © Toys N Bricks: […]

  • LEGO World Play Day: 90 Years LEGO...
    le 10 août 2022 à 7 h 26 min

    LEGO is celebrating LEGO World Play Day. They are celebrating 90 years of LEGO Legacy. See below for the full press release. Billund, Denmark: Today … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO World […]

  • USA LEGO Toy Deals & Sales Weekly List...
    le 10 août 2022 à 5 h 44 min

    At Toys N Bricks, we publish individual LEGO Toy Deals & Sales USA (U.S.) articles as deals appear. Every Wednesday, we also provide a summary … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. USA LEGO Toy […]

Stuck In Plastic The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers

  • The Hogwarts Express
    le 11 août 2022 à 17 h 22 min

    A few weeks ago LEGO reached out to us here at Stuck In Plastic for a creative photoshoot for a new “top secret” Harry Potter set. And Jennifer and I jumped on the challenge.  We both like Harry […]

  • Let’s Mash things up!
    le 5 août 2022 à 7 h 05 min

    Chris here, and I’m your host for the August #SiPGoesTGIF challenges.I’d like to start by thanking Jenn for her amazing themes for July and all the great shots that have come from them! My first […]

    le 29 juillet 2022 à 5 h 30 min

    Well… this is my last mission before handing over the tgif baton to Chris Rose and I’d like to say: ☀️💖 T H A N K Y O U 💖☀️ The experience of hosting the TGIF challenges in July was […]

  • Remember June?
    le 25 juillet 2022 à 5 h 59 min

    Time Passed Us By At The Speed Of An Italian Super Sportscar Holy moly, where did time go? I had closed my eyes for what felt like a nap and BOOM, soon July will be a wrap. Seems like there’s no […]

    le 22 juillet 2022 à 5 h 13 min

    My favorite color is 💙 BLUE 💙 and this weekend’s TGIF is all about the color BLUE 💙🖌🌀🥏🟦🦋🚙🐟🔵 Read on for the full mission before you head out and start snapping your […]

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  • Counting Down to 100 years of Play :...
    le 10 août 2022 à 14 h 50 min

    This last week or so, we have been counting down to the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary. Today, we have reached the 10th of August 2022, and the LEGO Group are celebrating! After looking over the […]

  • Counting Down to 90 Years of Play, Part...
    le 9 août 2022 à 14 h 49 min

    We have been counting down to the 90th anniversary of the LEGO Group, which is now ( at the time of writing) only one more sleep away! We have travelled from the time that the company made wooden […]

  • Counting Down To 90 Years of Play Part...
    le 8 août 2022 à 12 h 52 min

    Welcome back as we count down to the 90th Anniversary of the LEGO Group on the 10th August 2022. When we last left off, we saw the LEGO Group expanding its portfolio and diversifying its playthemes. […]

  • Counting Down to 90 Years of Play, Part...
    le 7 août 2022 à 11 h 00 min

    Welcome back to our continuing journey through the decades of the history of the LEGO Group, as we approach the 90th anniversary of the company on August 10, 2022. Today, we enter the 1990s, the so […]

  • Counting Down to 90 Years Of Play, Part...
    le 6 août 2022 à 11 h 30 min

    Welcome back to our countdown to the LEGOLAND Group’s 90th Anniversary on the 10th of August, 2022. Every day, we are taking a look at a selection of major developments in a decade of the LEGO […]

Jedi News Broadcasting Star Wars News Across the Galaxy

  • Schedule for Star Wars: Andor Disney+...
    le 11 août 2022 à 17 h 54 min

    The full schedule for all twelve episodes of the first season of the Disney+ Andor series have been revealed on the official Star Wars Twitter account. The post Schedule for Star Wars: Andor Disney+ […]

  • Krystina Arielle Gives Birth to Third...
    le 11 août 2022 à 17 h 22 min

    Team Jedi News sends congratulations to Krystina Arielle, host of Star Wars: The High Republic Show, and her husband Anthony Tigner, on the birth of their third child Zoe Rebecca who was born […]

  • The Mandalorian’s Sasha Banks and...
    le 11 août 2022 à 16 h 45 min

    Rosario Dawson was a guest at this weekend's C2E2 and as part of the show she was interviewed on stage with inevitable questions regarding the upcoming Ahsoka series, including her favourite filming […]

  • The Walt Disney Company Reports 3rd...
    le 11 août 2022 à 16 h 17 min

    The Walt Disney Company last night reported earnings for its third fiscal quarter ending July 2nd, with revenues for the quarter and nine months growing by 26% and 28%, respectively. The post The […]

  • Industrial Light & Magic and NVIDIA...
    le 11 août 2022 à 15 h 38 min

    Working with NVIDIA’s powerful AI-enabled DeepSearch, ​ILM are able to provide filmmakers the ultimate flexibility when developing the right look and ideal lighting for a scene. The post […]

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  • Space Tools Parts Fest: Caz Mockett
    le 11 août 2022 à 3 h 00 min

    We're challenging our team of astro-engineers to create original LEGO® models using 'Space Tools' - the minifigure accessories found in Classic Space sets.I chose to take a look at part 4360: […]

  • LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71774...
    le 8 août 2022 à 2 h 22 min

    Dragons are a common sight in the realm of LEGO® NINJAGO®. A quick search on Rebrickable shows 58 sets featuring a dragon. So the question will be: does 71774 Lloyd’s Ultra Golden Dragon have […]

  • Space Tools Parts Fest: Introducing the...
    le 4 août 2022 à 1 h 51 min

    We have decided to celebrate the release of 10497 Galaxy Explorer with a LEGO® Space-themed Parts Festival. We have a series of builders lined up to deliver new insight and MOCs to you – for the […]

  • What are the new LEGO® parts for...
    le 2 août 2022 à 10 h 37 min

    I've created a list showing all 410 new LEGO® elements added in August 2022, with links to which sets they come in so you can check for the ones you might be interested in. And for those of you who […]

  • See entries to our contest: Make a...
    le 31 juillet 2022 à 10 h 44 min

    Our LEGO® building contest, Make a Wishbrick, is well underway, with more than 70 entries received to date, and you still have 3 weeks left until entries close! At this stage we thought we would […]

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: An...
    le 11 août 2022 à 15 h 00 min

    Today on BrickNerd, Ronald Vallenduuk chats with Ralph Savelsberg. From the A-Team to ZZ Top, Ralph has built it all. Check it out!

  • LEGO at 100: Predictions For The Next...
    le 10 août 2022 à 13 h 55 min

    While LEGO’s 90th anniversary is being celebrated around the world in 2022, BrickNerd predicts the changes we hope for our favorite company in the decade to come!

  • LEGO Waterfall Techniques: Don't Go...
    le 9 août 2022 à 13 h 00 min

    LEGO waterfalls are magical because they are both a memorizing moment frozen in time and also incredibly varied in how to build them. Here are some LEGO waterfall techniques from around the AFOL […]

  • LEGO in Italy: A Peek Inside ItLUG...
    le 8 août 2022 à 20 h 10 min

    Last weekend, Italy’s premiere AFOL event ItLUG Lecco was back after a three-year hiatus. We take a peek inside and see if we can convince you to go to the LEGO fan event next year!

  • Everything You Want to Know About LEGO...
    le 7 août 2022 à 13 h 00 min

    Pack your bags and grab a safari hat because you are about to begin a quest through one of LEGO’s most epic themes, Adventurers! Join heroic Johnny Thunder as he searches for treasures untold […]

Candidbricks A LEGO® news site for all Sariel's custom LEGO Technic creations

  • Model Scaler Tool updated
    le 24 mars 2022 à 22 h 40 min

    My Model Scaler Tool for AFOLs has received a couple of new functionalities. Following the recent overhaul of my online tools for AFOLs, I have updated the Model Scaler Tool with three additional […]

  • Sariel’s Tools for AFOLs: version 2.0
    le 12 mars 2022 à 9 h 43 min

    My online tools for AFOLs have received a major overhaul and new functionalities. I used to host a bunch of free tools for LEGO builders at but each tool was developed independently […]

  • Fordson Snow Tractor
    le 11 février 2022 à 11 h 07 min

    An amphibious screw-propelled tractor model powered and remotely controlled using Circuit Cubes. Datasheet: Completion date: 09/02/2022 Power: electric (Circuit Cubes) Remote control: Circuit Cubes […]

  • 9 studs wide suspension with drive &...
    le 3 février 2022 à 10 h 17 min

    An ultra-narrow pendular suspension unit with drive and steering. Free building instructions available. I have created building instructions for the drive/steering suspension module developed for my […]

  • ZIL-E167
    le 30 janvier 2022 à 17 h 48 min

    An ultra-small off-road truck. Features 6×6 drive, steering on first and last axle, full suspension and an engine bay. Datasheet: Completion date: 30/01/2022 Power: electric (BuWizz 3.0) Remote […]

Heartlake Times LEGO Friends fan blog

  • Review: DOTS 41960 Big Box
    le 2 août 2022 à 12 h 15 min

    DOTS Big Box decorated my way! The box top is a great way to change your room decor any time you want -- just use the handy heart-shaped Lavender tile remover -- and start over.

  • Review: 41716 Stephanie's Sailing...
    le 29 juillet 2022 à 1 h 59 min

    Ahoy. Stephanie is hoping to get her drone working to take a picture of the racing sail boat as it completes their sail around the world adventure.

  • Review: 41721 Organic Farm
    le 26 juillet 2022 à 20 h 38 min

    A fresh organic Lunch awaits Mia driving the Tractor in from the fields helping her Grandpa Marcel on the farm.

  • Review: 41717 Mia's Wildlife Rescue
    le 20 juillet 2022 à 4 h 29 min

    Be careful, Joaquim. That's a scorpion you're photographing. Oh-oh...

  • Review: 41705 Heartlake City Pizzeria
    le 8 juillet 2022 à 19 h 00 min

    A new Pizzeria is just around the corner in Heartlake City! Enjoy a slice alfresco or take a box to go.Heartlake City is the home of the original tan crust ... 

BricksFanz Fuelling your LEGO® lifestyle

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 3 juillet 2022 à 9 h 06 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! En cette période estivale, Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G de Veynom. Bien caché dans la forêt, le Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G (simple comme nom, non !) est prêt à fondre […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 19 juin 2022 à 21 h 26 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Cette semaine, je vous propose quelques reviews dont vous retrouverez le contenu sur notre forum 76945 Poursuite de l’Atrociraptor   75326 Trône de Bobba Fett   60344 […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 29 mai 2022 à 15 h 58 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Un seul MOC aujourd’hui mais quel MOC ! MOC PIRATES 2022 de houbanel. Sur les 9 pages du sujet, vous pourrez suivre tout le cheminement qui a conduit à la réalisation […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 22 mai 2022 à 7 h 17 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Beaucoup d’activité dans la section MOC ces derniers temps avec la folie des MOCs liée à notre challenge de mai/juin ! En attendant de vous les présenter à la fin du […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 8 mai 2022 à 14 h 55 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Le pont du Gard de LetGo. Dédicace pour mes voisins les nîmois 😉   3 oiseaux de antha. Il y en a un qui me regarde bizarrement ???   Speed Champion en 8 tenons de […]