• Chez Toys R Us : 1 set LEGO acheté, le...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 22 h 19 min

    Toys R Us propose dès aujourd'hui une offre généralement très appréciée des fans de LEGO, pour autant que le stock suive, que les prix pratiqués […]

  • LEGO Ideas Women of NASA : lancement...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 14 h 23 min

    Si vous attendez avec impatience la commercialisation du set LEGO Ideas Women of NASA, basé sur le projet approuvé en février dernier, voici de quoi cocher une date sur votre […]

  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie : encore des...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 9 h 49 min

    Après la version micro du set 70616 Ice Tank vue dans le polybag 30427, voici deux autres sachets The LEGO Ninjago Movie qui mettent en scène des versions miniatures d'engins […]

  • LEGO Creator Expert 10258 London Bus :...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 6 h 29 min

    C'est le grand jour pour les fans du set LEGO Creator Expert 10258 London Bus. La boite est en effet disponible en avant-première pour les membres du programme VIP au prix public de […]

  • Un nouveau tapis de jeu pour ta ville...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 17 h 29 min

    Pour mettre en scène les éléments fournis dans le pack d'accessoires LEGO City (40170), les fans auront droit prochainement à une nouvelle version du tapis de jeu LEGO […]

  • SDCC 2017 : voici la première minifig...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 18 h 45 min

    J'ai vraiment cru pouvoir économiser quelques euros cette année, mais c'est raté. LEGO vient tout juste de dévoiler la première minifig exclusive qui sera […]

  • LEGO BrickHeadz : les instructions pour...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 10 h 00 min

    Avis à tous les collectionneurs de BrickHeadz, vous pouvez maintenant reproduire la version exclusive de Wonder Woman offerte aux clients américains de LEGO à l'occasion d'un […]

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 : Il y aura...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 12 h 36 min

    C'est compliqué. On nous annonçait une version Deluxe du jeu vidéo LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 incluant le Season Pass et accompagnée d'un produit exclusif, en l'occurrence […]

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 : Spider-Man...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 10 h 43 min

    On se doutait que cette version de Peter Parker serait dans le jeu vidéo LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 mais Warner a tout de même tenu à faire une annonce en grandes pompes. L'homme […]

  • Avengers : Infinity War - Une (grosse)...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 9 h 59 min

    Le premier teaser d'Avengers : Infinity War a été diffusé durant la convention Disney D23 Expo qui se déroule actuellement à Anaheim (USA). Il n'est pas encore […]

Brickset.com news LEGO news from Brickset.com.

  • SDCC exclusive Vixen revealed!
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 19 h 00 min

    San Diego Comic-Con is just a few days away but LEGO continues to reveal exclusive products which will be available at the event via their social media channels, the latest of which is this Vixen […]

  • Review: Wonder Woman BrickHeadz
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 14 h 00 min

    In February, LEGO brand stores in the US had an adult build event that proved quite popular. Another one is being held in the second half of July, this time a Wonder Woman BrickHeadz. Is it worth […]

  • Wonder Woman BrickHeadz instructions
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 9 h 00 min

    Wonder Woman first appeared as a BrickHeadz model at San Diego Comic-Con last year but a different version is now more widely available at LEGO store building events in the US. MeganL attended one […]

  • Interview with Architecture designer...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 15 h 30 min

    Brickset attended the Fan Media Days in Billund at the beginning of June and we were able to interview a number of designers from a diverse range of different themes. Lars spoke with us about the […]

  • 10258 London Bus now available for VIPs
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 7 h 00 min

    10258 London Bus is now available to LEGO VIP members worldwide. This is the largest set in the Creator Expert vehicles range to date and we reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. You can learn more […]

The Brick Fan LEGO News, LEGO Reviews, and Discussions

  • LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Legends of...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 18 h 38 min

    They waited until the last minute to reveal it but LEGO has announced one of the exclusive minifigures they will be giving away during San Diego Comic Con 2017. TV Insider has revealed that Vixen […]

  • LEGO Life-Sized Thor Model Revealed for...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 16 h 15 min

    San Diego Comic Con 2017 kicks off tomorrow night for attendees and there is another LEGO statue that they can check out. Entertainment Weekly has revealed the model of Thor from Thor: Ragnarok. It […]

  • LEGO BrickHeadz Exclusive Wonder Woman...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 4 h 02 min

    If you weren’t able to get in on the exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz Wonder Woman building event, a user on Reddit has kindly provided the instructions. It doesn’t look like there are any […]

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 SDCC 2017...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 21 h 45 min

    Some members of the design team for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 will be at San Diego Comic Con this week and I’ve just been invited to interview Arthur Parsons about the game. Like with The LEGO […]

  • LEGO Ideas Women of NASA December...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 16 h 52 min

    Back in February, it was announced that the Women of NASA project was approved to be the next LEGO Ideas set and it looks like we may have a release date for it. During Japan Brickfest, there was a […]

  • [SDCC] TVInsider Reveals LEGO Exclusive...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 18 h 46 min

    The first of I am guessing two LEGO minifig exclusives is finally revealed by way of TVInsider: Vixen from DC’s Legends of Tomrrow. What you never heard of that show? It’s that one […]

  • Star Wars – The Last Jedi Behind the...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 1 h 01 min

    Disney’s D23 is usually a source of new trailers and info, and this year is certainly no different. I have to say, though, there are so many feels in seeing Carrie Fisher in several places […]

  • LEGO Previews new DC Super Heroes sets...
    le 15 juillet 2017 à 23 h 02 min

    When I think LEGO, I think Forbes, which is why it makes perfect sense the outlet got the exclusive first look at some upcoming DC Super Heroes sets that will be at SDCC next week. I suppose it […]

  • TIE Striker for $40
    le 10 juillet 2017 à 17 h 12 min

    And here I thought I found a great deal when I got one for $50 but this deal trumps that one. Right now, Amazon is selling 75154 TIE Striker for just two Jacksons. Regular price is $69.99, a […]

  • LEGO Announces 10258 London Bus
    le 30 juin 2017 à 23 h 18 min

    LEGO announced earlier today their newest D2C set and entry in the Expert vehicle sub-theme, 10258 London Bus. This $139.99 USD set has 1,686 pieces and will be released on August 1, 2017. It […]

The Brothers Brick World's No. 1 source for LEGO news, reviews, and fan creations.

  • The only brew for the brave and true...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 19 h 00 min

    “You can search far and wide, you can drink the whole town dry, but you’ll never find a beer so brown as that found in the Green Dragon.” So goes the tribute as sung by Meriadoc […]

  • The Internet just went from bad to wurst
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 13 h 00 min

    Even if you’re not a Snapchat user, you’ve probably been exposed to the latest Internet sensation that is the Snapchat dancing hotdog. The popular mobile chat tool recent added this […]

  • Under the sea we off the hook, We got...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 7 h 00 min

    Ever wondered what LEGO enthusiasts do with those neon-pink, azure blue, flaming orange, dark red, and medium lavender bricks? Well, Robert4168 has layered his to recreate the undulating […]

  • Time to bust some pesky revolutionaries
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 1 h 00 min

    As a clarification, I should mention that this is not a bust of a revolutionary, but of one who busts revolutionaries: Inspector Javert from the musical Les Miserables. The builder, W. Navarre, has […]

  • Ladies like armor plating
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 19 h 00 min

    Introduced to the Halo universe in Halo 4, the Mantis shook up the vehicle gameplay with a mech carrying immense firepower and capacity for celebratory crouching. ZiO Chao presents a LEGO version of […]

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  • Support BrickRSS by shopping at the...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    Take a look at the latest LEGO sets at the official LEGO Shop (UK, USA or Canada). […]

  • Find cheap LEGO sets and spare parts on...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    Please help support BrickRSS by shopping for LEGO bricks and sets on eBay. […]

  • Twitch Tues-Delayed [BZPower]
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 21 h 44 min

    Our normally-scheduled Twitch Tuesday gaming stream for this week is being delayed to Wednesday thanks to real life. We'll be live tomorrow at around 8 PM Eastern on the BZPower Twitch channel to do […]

  • SDCC 2017: LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 19 h 52 min

    Im Rahmen der San Diego Comic Con 2017 gibt es die exklusive LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Vixen Minifgur zu ergattern.... […]

  • The only brew for the brave and true...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 19 h 00 min

    “You can search far and wide, you can drink the whole town dry, but you’ll never find a beer so brown as that found in the Green Dragon.” So goes the tribute as sung by Meriadoc […]

100% Stuck In Plastic An Arts Collective

  • I believe I can fly…
    le 14 juillet 2017 à 19 h 14 min

    Last month was the Paris Air Show. You may have read my article on the subject. It was a great experience. I had so much fun taking pictures with LEGO minifigures in the middle of airplanes. And […]

  • Forget. Relearn. Repeat.
    le 9 juillet 2017 à 14 h 01 min

    Initially this blog post was intended to be a successful report about my approach to the topic of last month´s word, craftsmanship. Many moons ago in an earlier life I used to be carpenter, so […]

  • Focus Stacking
    le 6 juillet 2017 à 14 h 07 min

    I wrote before about the dilemma I easily experience when selecting photos with the appropriate depth of field and bokeh while post-processing them. But the craftsmanship technique I’ve really […]

  • Holidays
    le 4 juillet 2017 à 13 h 44 min

    The word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg (hālig “holy” + dæg “day”). The word originally referred only to special religious days. Today […]

  • Airplanes and LEGO
    le 1 juillet 2017 à 18 h 57 min

    If you like airplanes (and I am not talking about this really funny movie), you may know that every two years the Paris Air Show is organized at the Le Bourget Airport, just outside Paris, […]

All Activity Eurobricks Forums - All Activity

  • Purist Superhero Figures
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 23 h 00 min

    Thanks! It doesn't seem to work on mobile unless you have the app, and I don't have my own computer. Thank you anyways for the suggestion, I'll try it once I get access to a computer! […]

  • Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 23 h 00 min

    That wasn't directed at you, that was more in general. […]

  • [WIP] Porsche 918 Spyder
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 22 h 56 min

    It definitely does, but in the end it is extremely rewarding. Very hard to do it well like sheepo or crowkillers. […]

  • 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 22 h 50 min

    Great news. It's Speed Champions that got me back into designing buildings and vehicles to supplement this great theme. 😃 […]

  • [MOD] 42070 - 6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 22 h 45 min

    I understand. I thought that it might be improbable that both rear axles will lose grip. Anyway, thanks for this short lecture on diff locking, i quite enjoyed it […]

Toys N Bricks A LEGO Community Fan Site. Coverage includes LEGO News, Sales, Fan Creations and Reviews.

  • LEGO 40178 VIP Brand Retail Store Set...
    le 13 juillet 2017 à 5 h 28 min

    Two new LEGO sets have been revealed! The first is 40178 VIP LEGO Store Set. This set is currently being given away when you spend 399 CNY (~$59 USD) or more. It features a LEGO VIP minifigure […]

  • 40251 LEGO Mini Piggy Bank – Free...
    le 12 juillet 2017 à 5 h 37 min

    From July 10-31, you can get a free 40251 LEGO Mini Piggy Bank with a purchase of $75 or more at LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home! This mini LEGO Piggy Bank is a 3 in 1 model […]

  • ToysRUs Canada 20% off Select LEGO Sets...
    le 9 juillet 2017 à 21 h 00 min

    For 2 weeks from July 7 to July 20, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 20% off select LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, City, Star Wars and Classic Buckets. All $59.99 and under LEGO Ninjago sets will be 20% […]

  • 2017 LEGO Seasonal Promotional Sets:...
    le 6 juillet 2017 à 6 h 21 min

    A variety of seasonal promo sets have been revealed! This includes LEGO 5004934 Seasonal Christmas Ornament which consists of two minifigures and a few toys. Many new LEGO polybag sets will also be […]

  • LEGO American Flag Creation
    le 6 juillet 2017 à 5 h 57 min

    Forum member askthelegoguy has created a LEGO American flag creation. Happy 4th of July to all those living in America! […]

LEGO Ideas - Blog Feed created by FiveFilters.org

  • Apollo Saturn V - Update
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    It has been over a month since the official launch of the LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set and the overwhelming popularity of the iconic rocket has unfortunately meant that some LEGO […]

  • The LEGO Apollo Saturn V - In The...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    The Apollo programme is without a doubt one of man kinds most spectacular achievements to date and is still marvelled at by people across the world. Although the final Apollo Saturn V launched in […]

  • Meet the Ideas Test Lab Fourth Build...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    In early April, we had the pleasure to announce the four amazing winners of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab Fourth Build Challenge (we might need a shorter name - even L.I.T.L.F.B.C is a bit of a […]

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  • Community Manager Weekly - No Rest for...
    le 4 juillet 2017 à 19 h 07 min

    First off, wish all ambassadors and AFOLs from the United of States have a great 4th of July on behalf of the entire LCE team. […]

  • Community Manager Weekly - Lots of...
    le 30 juin 2017 à 11 h 16 min

    Hi all, the past week we had our US colleagues Tim Courtney and Kevin Hinkle on visit in the Billund office - it is always great to connect and see each other in person so lots of good talks and […]

  • Community Manager Weekly - No Rest for...
    le 26 juin 2017 à 19 h 07 min

    Hi All, I apologize for the delay in getting this blog post up. June has been quite a busy month for me so far with all the different conventions taking place in the US and the launch of the new […]

  • Welcome!
    le 21 juin 2017 à 22 h 01 min

    Dear Ambassadors, Welcome to the new LAN! A long awaited day has finally come! Today we begin the onboarding to the new LAN! It has been quite the journey. We have taken input from […]

  • Countdown to new beginnings
    le 15 juin 2017 à 10 h 16 min

    Dear Ambassadors and AFOL Community. We are in the last 24 hours or so, of the LEGO Ambassador Network being on this platform. The site will shut down and reopen in approximately a week. […]

Brickset.com activity New sets and other activity at Brickset.com.

  • New instructions added
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 0 h 19 min

    Links to PDFs of 8 new instruction manuals have been added.© 2017 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. […]

  • New instructions added
    le 13 juillet 2017 à 0 h 18 min

    Links to PDFs of 2 new instruction manuals have been added.© 2017 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. […]

  • New instructions added
    le 12 juillet 2017 à 0 h 18 min

    Links to PDFs of 2 new instruction manuals have been added.© 2017 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. […]

  • New instructions added
    le 6 juillet 2017 à 0 h 18 min

    Links to PDFs of 2 new instruction manuals have been added.© 2017 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. […]

  • New instructions added
    le 5 juillet 2017 à 0 h 20 min

    Links to PDFs of 2 new instruction manuals have been added.© 2017 Brickset.com. Republication prohibited without prior permission. […]

Jay's Brick Blog A blog about LEGO bricks

  • Review: LEGO 76083 Beware The Vulture
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 14 h 49 min

    I know I’m quite late to the party but I finally got the chance to watch Spider-Man Homecoming over the weekend and I absolutely love it. This may be one of the finest Marvel movies ever and is […]

  • First glimpse of 2018 LEGO DC Super...
    le 14 juillet 2017 à 23 h 54 min

    With Comic Con San Diego (the mecca of comic books & pop culture) approaching next week, LEGO have started teasing out sets that will be shown off at the convention. Forbes has given us the first […]

  • Review: LEGO 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V
    le 7 juillet 2017 à 3 h 32 min

    Every now and then, LEGO puts out a set that redefines what it means to the medium. Such sets often blur the line between toy and art, causing you to perceive LEGO bricks in a whole new light. […]

  • All aboard the LEGO Creator Expert...
    le 30 juin 2017 à 6 h 59 min

    I’m pleased to share the official details and photos of the upcoming LEGO 10258 London Bus, the next iconic vehicle to roll off the assembly line of LEGO’s series of Creator Expert […]

  • Meet all 20 characters from the LEGO...
    le 23 juin 2017 à 8 h 42 min

    LEGO’s Twitter account have started unveiling the minifigures from the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie Minifigure Series! They’re currently trickling out the characters and they’ve so […]

BrickJournal Latest news/articles from BrickJournal

  • All aboard the London Bus!
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    10258 London BusAges 16+.  1,686 pieces. US $119.99*Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing. Take a nostalgic journey with this LEGO® […]

  • LEGO Justice League Sets Announced!
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    LEGO announced the following sets being released with the upcoming Justice League movie: 76085- Battle of Atlantis   Team up with Aquaman™ and the Atlantean guards to stop the […]

  • LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets Announced!
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    From LEGO: A scene from the new animated adventure “THE LEGO® NINJAGO MOVIE,” from Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group, in association with LEGO System A/S, a Warner […]

  • Thor:Ragnarok Sets coming in Summer...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    The LEGO Group unveiled two sets to release with the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok. 76084- The Ultimate Battle for Asgard$49.99   Fly the Commodore spaceship and team up with Thor, Bruce […]

  • BrickJournal Reviews the NASA Apollo...
    le 1 janvier 1970 à 0 h 00 min

    21309 - NASA Apollo Saturn VAvailable June 1, 2017.
Ages 14+. 1,969 pieces.
$119.99 USD What do you do when a model is too big to take a pic of? Use a previous pic. […]

Recent Questions - Bricks most recent 30 from bricks.stackexchange.com

  • Can anyone tell me what these LEGO sets...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 2 h 14 min

    Can someone help me identify these part built LEGO sets? They may be Star Wars or Ninjago . […]

  • Sharks with frickin’ laser beams...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 19 h 18 min

    The Lego Movie does not only feature sharks and lasers but also laser sharks: However, a Lego shark only has one place where other pieces can be attached and that’s located on its belly. […]

  • Clutch gear test
    le 15 juillet 2017 à 19 h 56 min

    I have two white 24t clutch gears, one marked as 2.5-5Ncm and another unmarked - how can I assembled them in a way to test which one "gives" first ) i.e. has torque before it slips - I was thinking […]

  • Is my EV3 controller bricked?...
    le 14 juillet 2017 à 23 h 57 min

    This question already has an answer here: EV3 screen stuck at “Starting…” 2 answers […]

  • Can you help me identify this LEGO set?
    le 13 juillet 2017 à 14 h 33 min

    Can you please help me identify this LEGO set? […]

THE BRICK TIME Don't call it Spielzeug!

  • Jedha – Ambush On Tythoni Square by...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 5 h 43 min

    Wohl einer der beliebtesten Streifen im StarWars Universum dürfte seit letztem Jahr Rogue One sein. Jenseits der üblichen Darstellung präsentierte sich der Streifen in einer ernsteren […]

  • Saturday Mornings by mike m.
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 6 h 01 min

    Samstag Morgen. Man hat frei und kann sich den eigenen Aufgaben und Zielen widmen. Nach dem Frühstück direkt ins Arbeitszimmer oder in die Garage und los gehts. Flickr User mike m. hat […]

  • Tim Burton Batmobile and Batwing by...
    le 14 juillet 2017 à 9 h 47 min

    Im Jahr 1989 erschien mit „Batman“ der erste von zwei Batman Filmen des Regisseurs Tim Burton, der für seine düsteren und teils dem deutschen Expressionismus nacheifernden […]

  • LEGO® Super Heroes DC Comics –...
    le 10 juillet 2017 à 6 h 40 min

    Im November 2017 erscheint der Kinofilm Justice League. Eine Verfilmung des Superheldenteam rund um Batman und Superman aus dem Hause DC Comics. Zeitgleich erscheinen diverse Sets zu dem Streifen. […]

  • Abbey of St. Delyn by Patrick Massey
    le 7 juillet 2017 à 12 h 16 min

    Er hat es wieder getan. Flickr User Patrick Massey erschafft mit seinem MOC Abbey of St. Delyn eine atemberaubende Szenerie die ihres Gleichen sucht. Inspiriert durch historische Vorlagen, vor allem […]

Jedi News – Broadcasting Star Wars News Across The Galaxy! Broadcasting Star Wars News Across The Galaxy!

New Elementary, a LEGO® blog of parts A blog about new LEGO® parts with set reviews, building techniques and brick model ideas

  • Bricktastic: Colourtastic (Part 2)
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 6 h 04 min

    Today, Elspeth De Montes continues her parade of LEGO® pieces in different colours! Why? Because LEGO. The hugely oversized Spider (Part 30238) is a force to be reckoned with, appearing in […]

  • Bricktastic: Colourtastic (Part 1)
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 5 h 34 min

    At Bricktastic, the LEGO® show in Manchester in aid of Fairy Bricks, New Elementary had a table featuring Nexogon models by Luc Byard, Tim Goddard and Gary Davis as well as models by Jason […]

  • New 2018 LEGO® part spotted
    le 15 juillet 2017 à 12 h 57 min

    Eagle-eyed reader CM4Sci spotted something exciting in the images that have just been officially released by Forbes of new LEGO® DC Super Heroes sets that will be released in January […]

  • Bricktastic 2017: Event videos
    le 5 juillet 2017 à 20 h 49 min

    I shot a couple of quick videos on my phone at Bricktastic, the LEGO® show in aid of Fairy Bricks.It was an awesome event! As you can see, plenty of people, but also plenty of space to move […]

  • Bricktastic 2017: event pictures
    le 2 juillet 2017 à 13 h 23 min

    We're live from Manchester! Bricktastic, the event run by the wonderful charity Fairy Bricks, is underway and the quality of models is outstanding. It's a really relaxed event thanks to the generous […]

  • Reflector
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 14 h 44 min

    I deal with camera issues all the time as a photographer and videographer. But I've never had to deal with a camera that transforms into three separate characters. This is Reflector, from the […]

  • Hot-Digity-Dog
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 13 h 53 min

    I don't use Snapchat (and I'm not likely to start) so when I started seeing this little hotdog dude all over the place I had no idea what the heck was going on. But if you start seeing something all […]

  • The Middle Earth "Expanded Universe"
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 17 h 53 min

    Everyone knows The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but do you know the depths that Tolkien went to develop the history, culture and minutia of Middle Earth? His notes and thoughts were collected for […]

  • Land Rover Series 1
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 17 h 43 min

    Pixel Fox continues his great series of LEGO offroad vehicles, this time with focusing on the Land Rover Series 1. Really love the use of sand in this vignette; the desert theme brings to mind the […]

  • The Only Brew for the Brave and True...
    le 16 juillet 2017 à 17 h 38 min

    A very lovely layout by Patrick B. features the Green Dragon, from little old Hobbiton. There are round windows and round doors, the iconic architecture you would expect to see form a Hobbit […]

Brick Brains We've got LEGO on the brain too!

  • Full Images for Flying Fox: Batmobile...
    le 30 juin 2017 à 19 h 45 min

    Mysteriously missing from our previous report on the new Justice League Movie sets were the photos of the largest set, Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087). While we were treated to closeups […]

  • London Bus Speed Build
    le 30 juin 2017 à 18 h 20 min

    One set – endless destinations! Introducing the LEGO London Bus – arriving exclusively in LEGO Stores this summer. […]

  • No more waiting – The London Bus is...
    le 30 juin 2017 à 18 h 11 min

    The reveal is finally here and it’s pretty spectacular. Today LEGO officially announced it’s London Bus (10258) set, which is a replica of the AEC Routemaster, an icon of London Tourism […]

  • USA Today unveils NINJAGO movie...
    le 29 juin 2017 à 22 h 15 min

    Exclusively on USA Today‘s website Warner Bros. has released 9 stunning character posters for the LEGO NINJAGO Movie. Each character poster features a single character (of course) and their […]

  • Christmas in June – 2017 Advent...
    le 29 juin 2017 à 18 h 41 min

    It really is like Christmas in June with so many announcements and reveals from the LEGO Group this week, and now we get our first look at the 3 annual LEGO Advent Calendars. As always there will be […]

Sariel.pl Sariel's custom LEGO Technic creations

  • Zoetrope
    le 24 juin 2017 à 13 h 28 min

    Working model of a 19th century optical illusion device. Creates an endlessly looped animation consisting of 16 frames. Datasheet: Completion date: 24/06/2017 Power: electric (Power Functions) […]

  • QuadL Boat
    le 22 juin 2017 à 12 h 15 min

    A boat built for speed tests with a large Lego propeller. Features drive, steering with a rudder and remote control with SBricks. Datasheet: Completion date: 21/06/2017 Power: electric (Power […]

  • Ford Raptor Trophy Truck
    le 11 juin 2017 à 18 h 34 min

    Model of a trophy truck based on Ford F-150 Raptor. Features remotely controlled drive and steering, full independent front suspension with positive Caster angle and custom stickers. Datasheet: […]

  • 8×8 Ball / Roller Bearing
    le 31 mai 2017 à 15 h 02 min

    Idea for a ball bearing or a roller bearing which can be built using the new Lego round tiles. Lego has recently released a 21130 The Neither Railway set featuring a number of new pieces, especially […]

  • GAZ 3351
    le 28 mai 2017 à 9 h 44 min

    Model of an articulated tracked vehicle. Features remotely controlled drive, steering and front winch as well as tracks custom-built with rubber axle joiners. Datasheet: Completion date: 28/05/2017 […]

Bouwsteentjes.info LEGO Nieuws, Reviews, Acties en MOC's - Alles over LEGO!

  • 4-in-1 review LEGO Batman Movie...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 17 h 00 min

    In deze review nemen we de LEGO Batman Movie BrickHeadz onder de loep. Dit doen we door alle vier de sets in één review te behandelen. Dit is niet alleen handig, maar ook overzichtelijk […]

  • Nieuwe LEGO Ninjago Movie Polybags...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 10 h 45 min

    Via Hothbricks hebben we twee nieuwe visuals te pakken van aankomende LEGO Ninjago Movie Polybags.  LEGO Ninjago Movie 30379 Quake Mech LEGO Ninjago Movie 30428 Green Ninjago Mech Dragon Details […]

  • LEGO Ideas Women of NASA vanaf 1...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 7 h 57 min

    Enige tijd geleden had iemand op reddit een screenshot gepost van de afbeelding die je hieronder kan zien. Het blijkt dat LEGO in een presentatie, min of meer de datum van de volgende LEGO Ideas set […]

  • LEGO Creator 10258 London Bus LEGO Vip...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 6 h 12 min

    Na de aankondiging van de nieuwste LEGO Creator Expert set, de LEGO Creator 10258 London Bus, merken we dat de set ondanks zijn wat hogere prijs een populaire set zal zijn. Vanaf 1 augustus kan […]

  • Uitgelicht: LEGO Ideas Anatomini met...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 5 h 00 min

    LEGO Ideas staat vol MOC’s die het bij lange na niet gaan halen. Dit betekend niet dat het nou slechte ideeën zijn, maar soms is er gewoon weinig animo voor of is de marketing de […]

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  • Instructions for DC Super Heroes Wonder...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 13 h 15 min

    Instructions have been shared from a recent LEGO Store build event that show how to build a BrickHeadz Wonder Woman. AFOLs have been frustrated for years by in-store build activities excluding the […]

  • LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch release...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 10 h 47 min

    LEGO Worlds will be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform on September 8, 2017. Amazon Spain revealed the release date on a new product listing for LEGO Worlds. LEGO Worlds is currently available on […]

  • Brick Pic of the Day: Nelson Mandela...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 7 h 00 min

    Image: benlego On this day in 1918 Nelson Mandela was born. The former President of South Africa who served between 1994 – 1999, fought for many causes and is widely recognised as an icon for […]

  • LEGO Ideas Women of NASA launch date
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 20 h 23 min

    The upcoming LEGO Ideas set, Women of NASA, has a confirmed release date of December 1. Hoth Bricks spotted the announcement in a recent LEGO Community Engagement Team presentation, uploaded to […]

  • The LEGO NINJAGO Movie 70618...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 11 h 04 min

    A number of lucky LEGO fans have acquired The LEGO NINJAGO Movie 70618 Destiny’s Bounty early, including a LEGO YouTuber. 70618 Destiny’s Bounty is not due for release until August […]

LCC LUG of Creators & Collectors

  • LEGO® tassen voor het eerst in België!
    le 30 juin 2017 à 10 h 33 min

    Dat LEGO® dit jaar uitgeroepen is tot sterkste merk ter wereld is ondertussen al wijdverspreid.* Niet alleen het speelgoed zorgt voor de continuïteit van hun succes, maar ook de uitgebreide […]

  • Carousel 10257 – Nu beschikbaar voor...
    le 17 mai 2017 à 8 h 06 min

    Het is lang geheim gebleven, maar deze leuke set die op heel wat enthousiasme kon rekenen al, is vanaf nu beschikbaar voor de LEGO® VIP leden. Log in op de Shop@Home website van LEGO® met je […]

  • The LEGO® Ninjago Movie – Polybag...
    le 12 mai 2017 à 11 h 31 min

    Op Ebay is een polybag opgedoken van The LEGO® Ninjago Movie. De film, die in september 2017 verwacht wordt in onze zalen, mag ook rekenen op de nodige bijhorende sets, games, en merchandise. […]

  • CREATOR 40256 Promo Setje
    le 11 mai 2017 à 19 h 09 min

    Creator is een pupolair thema bij de meeste LEGO® fans, omwille van de diversiteit van de ontwerpen. Het nodigt uit tot bouwen en het spreekt onze verbeelding aan. The 4th Build Contest brengt […]

  • LUG, RLUG, RLFM en fangroepjes op...
    le 11 mai 2017 à 12 h 34 min

    Ik merk de laatste maanden weer heel wat op in de AFOL community en eerlijk gezegd raak ik het een beetje moe. Het lijkt erop dat educatie van cruciaal belang is en ik mis echt de wil van sommigen om […]

BricksFanz Fuelling your LEGO® lifestyle

  • Comic-Con Exclusive Vixen Minifigure...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 18 h 55 min

    LEGO have revealed the first of this years Comic-Con exclusive minifigures to be made available during this years event. A lucky few who attend SDCC could bag themselves an exclusive Vixen minifigure […]

  • Life-sized LEGO Thor Thunders To...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 17 h 23 min

    Comic-Con is nearly here and LEGO have unveiled another big build set to grace the show floor later this week. Not to let DC Comics have all the fun with their life-sized Flash big build, Marvel will […]

  • A Closer Look At The LEGO Travel...
    le 18 juillet 2017 à 9 h 30 min

    As we reported yesterday, O2 customers can currently get a free LEGO® Travel Suitcase set with any shop.LEGO.com purchase with a special code provided by the O2 Priority app. If you’re […]

  • Free LEGO Travel Set With O2 Priority
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 8 h 00 min

    Jet-setting UK LEGO® fans, who also happened be to O2 customers can bag themselves a free LEGO Travel Set with any purchase. The free set has previously been available in other countries has a […]

  • LEGO Creator London Bus Now Available...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 7 h 00 min

    After being available at five London LEGO brand stores since the beginning of the month, the LEGO Creator London Bus has now arrived online and across all other brand stores for LEGO VIP members. Set […]

  • [BP Challenge] Juin 2017: Architecture...
    le 17 juillet 2017 à 15 h 30 min

    Un grand bravo à tous les participants pour leurs superbes créations. Félicitations aux gagnants. 1er ex aequo – 35 points – LetGo 1er ex aequo – 35 points […]

  • [BP Challenge] Juillet Août 2017: LES...
    le 13 juillet 2017 à 10 h 02 min

    Ce mois-ci, Brickpirate vous invite en vacances. Comme c’est les vacances et qu’il faut y aller tranquille, le concours ne dure pas un seul tout petit mois : on vous laisse toute la […]

  • [BP Challenge] Juin 2017: Architecture...
    le 12 juillet 2017 à 9 h 17 min

    Les architectes ont fini leur oeuvre : Les votes du concours de juin sont ouverts. Vous avez jusqu’au 16 Juillet 2017 à 23h59 pour voter pour les meilleures créations. […]

  • Brickfilm : Les moutons
    le 4 juillet 2017 à 10 h 28 min

    Ne manquez pas la superbe co-réalisation de Maxime Marion & Kloou : un film plein de poésie avec une dose de philosophie sur notre société actuelle et ces modes […]

  • L’interview décalée du mois (42)
    le 1 juillet 2017 à 8 h 42 min

    Salut les pirates !! Le mois dernier, vous avez pu découvrir l’interview décalée de Racing67. Ce mois-ci, place à … Campistron. […]

The Rambling Brick A casual meander through the world of a LEGO® Fan.

  • Making Some New Friends: Stephanie’s...
    le 15 juillet 2017 à 10 h 10 min

    When we last met, we caught up with Fenella and Ricardo, from the LEGO Friends design team, and we spoke in part about the preliminary models from Stephanie’s house, and how some things came […]

  • Making Friends, with Fenella and...
    le 13 juillet 2017 à 7 h 00 min

    At the start of June, as part of the LEGO Fan Media Days, I had the opportunity to meet Fenella Charity and Ricardo Silva, who are both part of the LEGO Friends design team.  Fenella’s […]

  • Underneath the Arches: Exploring One...
    le 8 juillet 2017 à 8 h 10 min

      One of the great things about LEGO bricks is the system: the way elements fit together and interact with each other, sometimes in unexpected ways.  Studs and tubes are easy to understand. […]

  • Colours That Only Dogs Can Hear
    le 3 juillet 2017 à 13 h 40 min

    Here at Rambling Brick headquarters, there is a project looming.  Not technically an immensely secret or important project.  But I don’t wish to reveal it right now. Please […]

  • London Calling: Creator Expert...
    le 30 juin 2017 à 7 h 01 min

    Today, after weeks of speculation, leaks and teases, LEGO announced the forthcoming release of Creator Expert Set 10258: London Bus.  With over 1680 pieces, this is the largest London Bus set […]

Heartlake Times LEGO Friends fan blog

  • Review: 41319 Snow Resort Hot Chocolate...
    le 11 juillet 2017 à 20 h 06 min

    Are you in a mood for some hot treats after playing in the snow all afternoon? Then let’s go to the Hot Chocolate Van where Mia will serve you a big mug of tasty hot chocolate with some whipped […]

  • Official LEGO Friends Summer 2017 sets...
    le 29 mars 2017 à 13 h 47 min

    LEGO Friends Summer 2017 (2HY2017) set images: Heartlake City warm setting sets:  Heartlake Hospital 41318 Heartlake surf Shop 41315 Andrea's Speedboat Transporter 41316 […]

  • Review: 41313 Heartlake Summer Pool
    le 21 février 2017 à 16 h 27 min

    Heartlake Summer Pool is the second public swimming pool in town! Andrea who loves to spend her time at a pool has made sure to be there on the opening day! Let’s see how the new pool compares to […]

  • Review: 41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery
    le 12 février 2017 à 6 h 56 min

    This awesome little set really delivers when it comes to play-ability and features.  The main features in this set are Stephanie and her delivery van.  The van is nicely shaped, and has lots of […]

  • Review: 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria
    le 3 février 2017 à 6 h 48 min

    "Buongiorno!" Welcome to Heartlake City's newest hot-spot for sit-down/take-out Italian fare! Will we give it five stars? Read on to see... This set was provided by the AFOL Relations […]

Friends Bricks A Friends fan creations blog

  • Antiquing with Friends | Castle...
    le 6 juillet 2017 à 12 h 23 min

    This adaptation called "Antiquing with Friends" was built by Barbara for BrickWorld 2016 during The LEGO Group's "Best Friends" building contest. Some of the North American fan […]

  • Naomi's Place
    le 12 février 2017 à 12 h 50 min

      Naomi's Place joins a lovely long-line of townhouse style structures modified from their original set designs by Kristel. Have you guessed the original set?  Here is the original […]

  • Heartlake Holly Days creations
    le 27 janvier 2017 à 22 h 38 min

    Going to see family and friends by dr_spock_888 Lego Episcopal church at Christmas, with Advent candles lit (three purple, one pink) by Marguerite Friends having fun in the snow by […]

  • Friends Chess Pieces
    le 24 janvier 2017 à 9 h 39 min

    SuzEaton imparted subtle cues of LEGO Friends sets into these Friends Chess Pieces. They were part of her display at Brick Fair and opposite some Elves pieces.  Here is a close up of one, […]

  • Riding School MOD
    le 7 janvier 2017 à 12 h 14 min

    Friends sets are so completely detailed from the start, that sometimes all that's needed is a "tweak" or MOD (modification) to the original in order to make a new creation. LegoOzp has […]

Elvendale Fans Fans of LEGO Elves story and realm of Elvendale.

  • The 2016 sets
    le 20 mars 2016 à 15 h 25 min

    They have all of them on Elvendale at Friend Brick site http://friendsbricks.com/2016-Elves-sets.htmlAnd for summertime sets too! […]

  • Elves sets on display
    le 13 novembre 2015 à 18 h 50 min

    All set on the Elves playmat, photo by Karlota […]

  • "A Magical Adventure"...
    le 8 novembre 2015 à 21 h 03 min

    Activities, Comics, and cool pieces to make a bracelet -- including elemental symbols on round tiles and rare gold chains! […]

  • LEGO Elves magazine
    le 7 août 2015 à 15 h 31 min

    LEGO Elves magazine has published in other languages, and now is in English and to be available August 12th.  Subscriptions are how other non-LEGO-Club magazines are obtained, with some being […]

  • Elven Alphabet
    le 6 mars 2015 à 23 h 07 min

    Elves have their own Alphabet -- good thing there is a decoder for humans!~*~ […]

  • LEGO Dimensions : Une pièce exclusive...
    le 5 octobre 2015 à 21 h 49 min

    Alors qu'il n'est toujours pas confirmé (ou infirmé) que nous aurons droit à de futurs sets basés sur la franchise The Simpsons et que la possibilité d'une […]

  • Shop@Home : Trois sachets The Simpsons...
    le 5 octobre 2015 à 21 h 27 min

    Comme indiqué par Matt dans les commentaires, LEGO fait actuellement un petit geste à destination de tous ceux qui commandent le set 71016 Kwik-E-Mart sur le Shop@Home : Trois sachets […]

  • Shopping : 2.50 € le sachet The...
    le 28 mai 2015 à 12 h 55 min

    Vue sur dernier catalogue en date de l'enseigne Toys R Us, une offre qui permet d'acquérir les sachets de la série 2 de minifigs The Simpsons au tarif de 2.50 € l'unité et […]

  • LEGO Dimensions : Trois packs The...
    le 11 mai 2015 à 7 h 03 min

    La famille Simpson arrive dans le jeu vidéo LEGO Dimensions avec trois packs d'extension qui seront disponibles en fin d'année. L'univers de la série animée sera jouable […]

  • The Simpsons Collectible Minifigures...
    le 1 mai 2015 à 10 h 03 min

    Les sachets de la série 2 de minifigs à collectionner The Simpsons sont en vente sur le Shop@Home. Le prix public du sachet est fixé à 2.99 €, et je vous rappelle que […]

  • Un dernier pour la route...
    le 3 décembre 2015 à 13 h 08 min

    Je crois qu'on est tous d'accord pour en conclure que les gammes Lord of the Rings et The Hobbit ont vécu. Il nous reste toutefois quelques irréductibles qui ne lâchent rien et […]

  • LEGO Dimensions : Une minifig de Sauron...
    le 21 mai 2015 à 10 h 17 min

    Si vous avez visionné le dernier trailer du jeu vidéo LEGO Dimensions avec attention, vous avez probablement remarqué la présence d'un personnage que tous les fans de la […]

  • Le pack Blu-ray/DVD avec Bain et Bard...
    le 17 avril 2015 à 13 h 27 min

    Voici une bonne nouvelle pour tous les fans de la gamme LEGO The Hobbit qui désespéraient de pouvoir se procurer à un tarif raisonnable la minifig exclusive de Bain. Cette […]

  • Briquefan 13 : Tout savoir sur la...
    le 21 mars 2015 à 23 h 26 min

    Vous doutez encore du fait que LEGO a paresseusement bâclé une gamme au potentiel pourtant énorme ? Regardez le 13ème épisode de l'émission Briquefan et […]

  • Jeu vidéo LEGO The Hobbit : Vous...
    le 13 mars 2015 à 17 h 59 min

    C'est officiel, il n'y aura pas de contenu additionnel (DLC) pour le jeu vidéo LEGO The Hobbit permettant de rejouer les évènements du troisième opus de la saga […]

  • Jurassic World 2 : on a le titre, on...
    le 22 juin 2017 à 18 h 24 min

    Et ce sera donc Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom. Je vais rester positif et faire comme si la rumeur qui nous annonce quelques boites pour accompagner la sortie de ce second volet est fiable. Je vais […]

  • Rumeur : des sets LEGO basés sur le...
    le 4 juin 2017 à 15 h 52 min

    Si vous aimez les dinosaures et les LEGO, vous avez probablement fait le plein en 2015 avec les six sets officiels LEGO basés sur le film Jurassic World. Tout a été dit sur […]

  • LEGO Jurassic World : L'évasion...
    le 13 novembre 2016 à 16 h 44 min

    Bonne nouvelle pour tous ceux qui aiment l'univers Jurassic World à la sauce LEGO et qui en veulent une dernière louche : Le court-métrage d'animation The Indominus Escape, […]

  • The Indominus Escape : Le...
    le 9 octobre 2016 à 10 h 48 min

    S'il y a encore parmi vous quelques irréductibles qui espèrent que LEGO n'en a pas vraiment fini avec la gamme LEGO Jurassic World, voici de quoi patienter : Le court-métrage […]

  • LEGO Jurassic World disponible sur...
    le 31 mars 2016 à 14 h 29 min

    Vous êtes déjà nostalgiques de la gamme LEGO Jurassic World ? Replongez dans l'univers du film, des sets et du jeu vidéo sorti en 2015 avec la version mobile du jeu […]