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  • LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground :...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 11 h 34 min

    Après une première apparition un peu floue, le set promotionnel LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground se montre aujourd'hui un peu plus via la page dédiée aux instructions des produits LEGO qui nous […]

  • LEGO 40588 Flowerpot et 40590 Houses of...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 7 h 15 min

    C'est toujours mieux en haute résolution : les visuels officiels de deux des trois sets promotionnels dévoilés hier sont maintenant en ligne sur certaines versions de la boutique officielle et on […]

  • Offre LEGO durant les ventes flash de...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 16 h 42 min

    En avant pour quelques jours de ventes flash "de printemps" chez Amazon avec comme d'habitude quelques offres sur une petite sélection de produits LEGO. Rien d'exceptionnel avec des produits qui […]

  • Sur le Shop LEGO : retour du carnet...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 16 h 18 min

    Si vous aimez cumuler les offres promotionnelles, même si celles-ci ne sont pas toujours très attractives mais que du moment que c'est offert ça vous va, sachez que vous pouvez de nouveau obtenir […]

  • Produits promotionnels à venir sur le...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 8 h 30 min

    C'est une fois de plus via la page dédiée à la certification des produits LEGO qu'on découvre aujourd'hui les premiers visuels de trois produit promotionnels qui seront prochainement offert sous […]

Brickset LEGO news from Brickset

  • Review: 40588 Flowerpot
    le 29 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Another gift with purchase that will be offered at during April is 40588 Flowerpot. It'll be available from the 14th to the 24th April and again in June, from the 16th to the 27th. We've […]

  • Can the new Indiana Jones line compare...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 9 h 00 min

    This essay has been contributed by EverybodyLovesReyna: Recently, new Indiana Jones sets were revealed for the first time in over a decade. While this is undoubtedly a win for fans of the franchise, […]

  • LEGO Space book set to launch in October
    le 29 mars 2023 à 8 h 08 min

    A forthcoming book about the heyday of LEGO Space has been revealed. The fascinating thing about it is that it's authored by Tim Johnson, my good friend and founder of New Elementary, who I must […]

  • Random set of the day: Skateboard Vert...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 2 h 01 min

    Today's random set is 3537 Skateboard Vert Park Challenge, released during 2003. It's one of 55 Sports sets produced that year. It contains 88 pieces and 2 minifigs, and its retail price was […]

  • Random minifig of the day: sh839
    le 29 mars 2023 à 1 h 01 min

    Today's random minifigure is sh839 Black Panther - Claw Necklace, White Eyes, a Super Heroes figure that came in a set that was released during 2022.Our members collectively own a total of 1,729 of […]

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  • A snake of a guy gave me an evil wink
    le 29 mars 2023 à 19 h 00 min

    Matt Goldberg (@ballomnomnom)launches this sinister-looking paladin from his cold reptile brain The post A snake of a guy gave me an evil wink appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • Ring Station: does what it says on the...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Classic Spacer OA KD brings a touch of Stanley Kubrick to this microscale space station The post Ring Station: does what it says on the tin appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • Have you seen this whale’s baleen?
    le 29 mars 2023 à 7 h 00 min

    New Elementary's Thomas Jenkins (@thomas_jenkins_bricks) gives us a masterclass in clever parts use with this majestic whale The post Have you seen this whale’s baleen? appeared first on The […]

  • He isn’t the Boogeyman. He’s the...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 19 h 00 min

    Dan Ko (@dan.ko56) gives us a beautiful rendition of the infamous assassin who can't seem to retire. The post He isn’t the Boogeyman. He’s the one you send to kill the Boogeyman. appeared first […]

  • A construction rooted in cold, hard...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    It's recommended that you bundle up before taking in this wintry scene by builder Ventum Vox (@ventum_vox) The post A construction rooted in cold, hard stone appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

The Brick Fan LEGO News, LEGO Reviews, and Discussions

  • LEGO Ideas Parks and Recreation...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 18 h 40 min

    Parks and Recreation by SJs Workshop is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The build is based on the mockumentary sitcom television series and it is split into four main […]

  • LEGO Amazon Buy 2, Save 40% on 1...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 3 h 02 min

    Amazon has started a new LEGO promotion where you buy two and save 40% on one item. A majority of the sets are on the smaller side but this is a good deal if you’re looking to expand your layout […]

  • LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book Coming in...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 20 h 44 min

    In some news out of IGN of all places, there will be a new LEGO Space 1978-1992 book coming out later this year. Written by Tim Johnson of New Elementary, the 200 page hardcover book takes an […]

  • LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589)...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 11 h 16 min

    There is an image of of the LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589) that has surfaced on the Building Instructions page. The set includes a pirate ship slide along with two minifigures. Rumor has it that […]

  • LEGO April 2023 Gift with Purchase Sets...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 3 h 11 min

    LEGO has put up product pages for a few gift with purchase sets that will be coming in April. It’s still a bit too early to get the details on how to get them but we can assume one of them will be […]

  • The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop Closes...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 21 h 03 min

    And here I am in a state that can only be described as panic-buying. At least that’s what it feels like. With just a few hours left, I have a wishlist of games wondering how reasonable or […]

  • PokéMondays: Shiny Hunting in Sword...
    le 14 mars 2023 à 8 h 06 min

    I decided to go back to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield to do some shiny hunting. And I gotta say, it’s probably the worst shiny hunting mechanic since the dawn of mankind. Granted, my […]

  • All The News From Yesterday’s...
    le 9 février 2023 à 9 h 25 min

    Nintendo presented a Direct today with news about games coming out during the first half of 2023. There’s a ton of release dates, some vague, some specific, some even coming out today. You can […]

  • Nick’s 2022 in Review – Streaming,...
    le 7 février 2023 à 15 h 00 min

    It’s the in vogue thing to do to remember the year before it ends, but we’re not the most punctual here at FBTB, or more accurately, we all have lives and things to do, so we’re doing it after […]

  • Eric’s 2022 in Review – Bricks...
    le 4 février 2023 à 19 h 08 min

    Hey y’all, it’s Eric. You know, the guy who managed to not post a single time in 2022. I’m killing the game. Also, as you can tell by the photos, I got really into dithering. And the color […]

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  • LEGO 2K Drive will allow players to...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 18 h 04 min

    It’s been confirmed by developer Visual Concepts that LEGO 2K Drive will allow players share their own custom vehicle creations...

  • LEGO 2K Drive pre-orders at GAME get...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 17 h 06 min

    GAME has confirmed that pre-orders of the LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Edition will be eligible for two free promotional polybag...

  • LEGO Icons 10295 Porsche 911 down to...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 16 h 36 min

    Race on over to Zavvi right now to pick up 10295 Porsche 911 for £119.99, as part of the retailer’s current LEGO...

  • Letzter Tag! Amazon Frühlingsangebote:...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 16 h 11 min

    Update (29. März, 19:10 Uhr: Heute ist der letzte Tag der Amazon Frühlingsangebote! Bei Interesse könnt ihr noch bis 23:59 Uhr zuschlagen. Update (18:13 Uhr): Die Amazon Frühlingsangebote sind […]

  • LEGO Marvel matches James Gunn?s...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 14 h 49 min

    As the release date for the next wave of LEGO Marvel sets approaches, all eyes are on one character in...

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  • Amazon America LEGO Promotion 2023: Buy...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 0 h 28 min

    For a limited time only, Amazon America is offering Buy 2, Save 40% on 1 LEGO set. The 40% off will apply to the lower … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. Amazon America LEGO Promotion 2023: Buy 2, […]

  • US LEGO Toy Deals & Sales Weekly List...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 0 h 21 min

    At Toys N Bricks, we publish individual LEGO Toy Deals & Sales USA (U.S.) articles as deals appear. Every Wednesday, we also provide a summary … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. US LEGO Toy […]

  • Canada LEGO Toy Deals & Sales Weekly...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 0 h 16 min

    At Toys N Bricks, we publish individual LEGO Toy Deals Canada articles as deals appear. Every Wednesday, we also provide a summary weekly list of … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. Canada LEGO Toy […]

  • LEGO 40588 Flowerpot GWP 2023: Upcoming...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 0 h 11 min

    LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) has revealed another upcoming LEGO 2023 GWP. The set is LEGO 40588 Flowerpot GWP 2023.  It is expected to be … © Toys N Bricks: […]

  • LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship Playground GWP...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 0 h 09 min

    LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) will soon be having a new LEGO 2023 GWP or VIP Reward item. The set is LEGO 40589 Pirate Ship … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO 40589 […]

Stuck In Plastic The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers

  • TGIF23 – Africa
    le 16 mars 2023 à 23 h 08 min

    The SiPgoesTGIF theme for this weekend’s photography challenge is: Africa Africa, home of the lesser flamingo. These magnificent birds are known to congregate at lakes in Kenya, Tanzania, and South […]

  • Time Machine
    le 11 janvier 2023 à 19 h 33 min

    Before we head into the future of 2023. Let us just head back to February 2022, and catch up on a wonderful set. Our friends over at the LEGO Group provided Chris with this futuristic time machine. […]

  • TGIF23
    le 3 janvier 2023 à 8 h 05 min

    The new TGIF23 challenge for 2023 is ready. The guiding principles are still very much the same as in 2022.On Monday morning we release the week’s theme and hashtag on our Discord server , and on […]

  • Twenty Two in Review
    le 31 décembre 2022 à 9 h 29 min

    Well what a year Twenty Two has beenSo many things happened and so many photos seenIt’s now time to wRap up this tourAnd anticipate what’s next around the SiP door.But first we take a look with a […]

  • SiP Annual Xmas Card Exchange
    le 17 octobre 2022 à 11 h 46 min

    Well, October is the month of Pumpkins, bats, skeletons, and spooky things. Yet at the same time, we are already looking towards winter, Christmas… and our annual card exchange. Even though […]

StoneWars Der LEGO Blog mit News, Gerüchten und Reviews

  • Letzter Tag! Amazon Frühlingsangebote:...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 16 h 11 min

    Update (29. März, 19:10 Uhr: Heute ist der letzte Tag der Amazon Frühlingsangebote! Bei Interesse könnt ihr noch bis 23:59 Uhr zuschlagen. Update (18:13 Uhr): Die Amazon Frühlingsangebote sind […]

  • LEGO Star Wars 75355 UCS X-wing...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 14 h 58 min

    In etwas mehr als einem Monat startet das diesjährige LEGO May the 4th Event und damit auch traditionell der Verkauf eines Neuzugangs für die LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. Aktuellen […]

  • Quatschen & Bauen #50: Wir spielen LEGO...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 13 h 09 min

    Zur Jubiläumsfolge laden wir euch heute Abend bei Quatschen & Bauen zu einer Runde LEGO Creationary ein. Ihr könnt im Livestream mitraten, was ich denn da baue und sogar selber Modelle […]

  • Vier neue GWPs bzw. VIP-Prämien:...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 9 h 30 min

    Update (28. März, 11:30 Uhr): Inzwischen hat LEGO bessere Bilder der drei kommenden Gratisbeigaben bzw. VIP-Prämien des Aprils im LEGO Onlineshop freigeschaltet. Zwei davon wurden auch bereits mit […]

  • LEGO 10323 Pac-Man Arcade-Automat:...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 6 h 40 min

    Pac-Man gehört wahrscheinlich gerade wegen seiner minimalistischen Grafik zu einem der ikonischsten und bekanntesten Arcadespiele. Neuen Gerüchten nach soll der gelbe Kreis im Sommer auch in einem […]

Jay's Brick Blog A blog about LEGO bricks

  • Here are the winners of the Build a...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 13 h 19 min

    It’s finally time to reveal the winners of the Build a LEGO Fellowship challenge! I put the call out to design and tell the story of a LEGO Fellowship of 9 minifigures, and was completely blown […]

  • A LEGO Space Book is coming and will be...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 22 h 31 min

    LEGO Classic Space fans, you’re in luck as Dark Horse Books have revealed a brand new book, titled LEGO Space: 1978-1992. It will retail for US$49.99 and has a release date of 17 October 2023, […]

  • New April 2023 LEGO GWPs revealed...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 2 h 51 min has officially unveiled a slew of new LEGO gift with purchases (GWP) that are presumably coming in April 2023. There are 3 new GWPs to look forward to, and just as predicted, with the start […]

  • Review: LEGO 43212 Disney Celebration...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 13 h 57 min

    The LEGO and Disney 100 celebrations continue well into April, when 43212 Disney Celebration Train rolls into the station, with a colourful cast of Disney minifigures in tow. Along with 43217 Up […]

  • LEGO Amazon Australia sales – March...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 1 h 50 min

    For those of us in Australia itching to pick some discounted LEGO, Amazon Australia is running a huge LEGO sale with up to 38% off sets across a wide variety of themes. There are some newer 2023 LEGO […]

Bricking Around Australian LEGO­® Fan Blog

  • 10317 Land Rover Defender 90 announced
    le 16 mars 2023 à 12 h 59 min

    LEGO has just announced the latest LEGO Icons vehicle and it certainly is an icon… the Land Rover Defender 90. Launched as Land Rover celebrates its 75th anniversary, the 2,336 ...

  • LEGO Indiana Jones is back
    le 13 mars 2023 à 13 h 59 min

    Exciting news for fans of one of the most iconic action adventure film franchises of all time. The highly anticipated 2023 Indy sets are now officially revealed. The three set ...

  • On Sale: 20% off selected themes at...
    le 11 mars 2023 à 12 h 33 min

    School holidays are just around the corner but Target is testing the water with an early offer. Until March 14th you can get 20% off all City, Friends and Jurassic ...

  • On Sale: Multiple offers from Myer
    le 11 mars 2023 à 12 h 22 min

    It looks like Myer has a few offers currently running at the same time. I haven’t found all the details but this is what I do know… 15% off until ...

  • Reminder: The Lord of the Rings:...
    le 4 mars 2023 à 12 h 57 min

    At 12:00:01 it will officially be March 5th, which means the highly anticipated return of minifigure scale Lord of The Rings. If you are a VIP that is. While the ...

The Brick Show LEGO News & Happenings

  • More LEGO Limited Edition...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 23 h 21 min

    If you’re a fan of LEGO’s premium, promotional sets, then you will be glad to know that more LEGO limited edition gift-with-purchase sets are coming this April and beyond. Although the images […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive Exclusive...
    le 24 mars 2023 à 13 h 25 min

    It has been customary for major LEGO video game titles to come with exclusive LEGO goodies included in their special editions or pre-order bonuses. And following the official announcement of 2K’s […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive Officially Announced –...
    le 24 mars 2023 à 11 h 44 min

    Following the unintentional early reveal of some media outlets, LEGO has now officially revealed its latest open-world racing game, LEGO 2K Drive. This latest AAA driving adventure from LEGO and […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive Open-World Driving...
    le 23 mars 2023 à 0 h 42 min

    It looks like we have another case of a classic slip-up. After releasing its teaser for its latest upcoming video game dubbed LEGO 2K Drive, it is understandable that media outlets such as IGN and […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive Teaser Revealed Ahead of...
    le 20 mars 2023 à 20 h 59 min

    LEGO has just announced across social media that a new open-world world racing game will be officially announced anytime soon. In typical LEGO humor, the company just released a LEGO 2K Drive teaser, […]

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zusammengebaut LEGO News Blog

The Rambling Brick A casual meander through the world of a LEGO® Fan.

  • The Old and the New: 7314 Recon Mech RD...
    le 24 mars 2023 à 23 h 38 min

    This article is the result of a recent unexpected convergence: I’ve had this year’s first drop of Ninjago sets on my desk for a little while. I’ve put a couple together, but I have been trying […]

  • LEGO® Racing Reborn with LEGO2K Drive!
    le 23 mars 2023 à 13 h 01 min

    Back in 1999, the world was a simpler place: LEGO was blocky, Minifigures mostly smiled, and a go-kart could be built using fewer than 10 elements. The epitome of LEGO Car racing existed in the form […]

    le 16 mars 2023 à 13 h 39 min

    LAND ROVER have been in the business of producing automobiles for 75 years. Today the LEGO Group have officially revealed the latest ICONs set, the LAND ROVER CLASSIC DEFENDER Ninety. In the […]

  • 40587 Easter Basket: Gift With Purchase...
    le 13 mars 2023 à 14 h 15 min

    There have been some really interesting and desirable Gifts With Purchase (GWP) available with your LEGO Purchases this year. Some have, unfortunately, had required you pay a high price in order to […]

  • Indiana Jones and the Resurrected...
    le 13 mars 2023 à 14 h 00 min

    It was over 40 years ago. Wednesday, during the September school holidays. Probably the Croydon twin cinema. I remember it was raining. After Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (sure… they call […]

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  • LEGO® Technic review & MOC: 42152...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 5 h 14 min

    The largest and loftiest of the LEGO® Technic sets launched in March 2023 has taken to the skies, but New Elementary is calling it into to the hangar for inspection. Before we clear this airplane […]

  • LEGO® ICONS™ set review: 10316 The...
    le 24 mars 2023 à 6 h 07 min

    In a previous article, I took a careful look at the numerous new element designs, decorations, and recolours that appear in the forthcoming 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set from the LEGO® […]

  • LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71783...
    le 22 mars 2023 à 7 h 32 min

    I like bikes, I like mechs and I like models that can be configured in different ways, so this LEGO® NINJAGO® set has a few of my boxes ticked. I don't think I've seen a mech on a motorbike in a […]

  • LEGO® Disney™ review: 43217...
    le 18 mars 2023 à 14 h 00 min

    The Disney·Pixar animated movie Up was released back in 2009 and won a couple of Oscars that year as well as a Best Picture nomination. Nearly 14 years have passed since its release,  but recently […]

  • LEGO® Friends 41711 Emma's Art...
    le 15 mars 2023 à 9 h 29 min

    After all of our recent LEGO® Friends 2023 set reviews, today we are going "old skool" and looking back at one from 2022. 41711 Emma's Art School was one of five sets released last year which told […]

  • LEGO National Animals: The Crown...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Travel with us to Guernsey in the English Channel as we explore national animals and their LEGO counterparts.

  • How to Organize Your LEGO Parts...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    LEGO parts can become unwieldy as collections grow bigger, so how do you organize everything? This article will explore your many options as an AFOL from figuring out your building approach to […]

  • How to Build Bionicle: Combining...
    le 27 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Bionicle and constraction pieces can really make your builds look more organic and natural, but what are the best ways of incorporating them into a LEGO build? Here are three techniques to learn […]

  • The 1920+ Collab Making Jakub...
    le 26 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Meandering mechs in an idyllic farm landscape are one of artist Jakub Różalski’s signature styles. And now those paintings have come to life through LEGO in the 1920+ Collab Project by […]

  • The LEGO Las Vegas Strip: Sin City in...
    le 25 mars 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Get your sunscreen ready, we’re heading to Vegas! A massive microscale LEGO Las Vegas strip, that is. Take a look at all the tiny details that make up this sprawling tourist oasis in the heart […]

Candidbricks A LEGO® news site for all

  • [REVIEW] 40590 Houses of the World II
    le 28 mars 2023 à 14 h 24 min

    Let’s take a look at this Gift With Purchase set 40590 Houses of the World II. Compared to 40583 Houses of the World I (purchase threshold of $250/ €250/ £220/ AUD400), this set is said to carry […]

  • Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary LEGO sets
    le 8 mars 2023 à 13 h 47 min

    LEGO has revealed 5 brand new Jurassic Park sets to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Jurassic Park Film was released in 1993. 76957 LEGO Jurassic Park Velociraptor Escape is a 4+ set that […]

  • Disney 100 LEGO celebration and LEGO...
    le 1 mars 2023 à 14 h 06 min

    Today, the LEGO Group is kicking off its celebration of Disney’s 100 anniversary by recreating some of the most beloved Disney movie moments in iconic LEGO® brick form as part of its new […]

  • February 2023 Bricksworld LEGO Store...
    le 31 janvier 2023 à 16 h 01 min

    Here’s the February 2023 LEGO Store Calendar for Bricksworld Singapore LCS New releases include LCS Exclusive IDEAS A-Frame Cabin with RRP of S$279.90, LEGO Minifigures Series 24, 31208 LEGO ART […]

  • LEGO DOTS to end in 2023
    le 18 janvier 2023 à 0 h 36 min

    LEGO has announced that the LEGO DOTS theme will end in 2023 with the 1st quarter 2023 offerings being the last new products but all LEGO DOTS products will remain active until the end of 2023. […] Sariel's custom LEGO Technic creations

  • Scrolling Clock
    le 13 février 2023 à 9 h 47 min

    My second clock project, featuring Mindstorms brick and scrolling digits.   Datasheet: Completion date: 10/02/2023 Dimensions: length 53s / width 47s / height 21s Weight: 4.19 kg Power: electric […]

  • StuG III Ausf. G
    le 16 janvier 2023 à 15 h 59 min

    Model of a German WW2 tank destroyer. Features drive, steering, motorized gun traverse and elevation, and suspension. Datasheet: Completion date: 14/01/2023 Power: electric (Power Functions) Remote […]

  • Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1
    le 5 janvier 2023 à 14 h 20 min

    Model of a compact Liebherr mobile crane. Features 12 functions motorized using 14 motors. Datasheet: Completion date: 04/01/2023 Power: electric (Power Functions) Remote control: SBrick Dimensions: […]

  • Mindstorms Pong
    le 9 décembre 2022 à 15 h 40 min

    Simple version of the Pong game running on the latest Mindstorms brick with two motors as controllers.   Datasheet: Completion date: 09/12/2022 Power: electric (Mindstorms brick) Language: Python […]

  • Tsar Tank
    le 10 novembre 2022 à 8 h 43 min

    A WWI experimental tank model. Features drive, steering, motorized turrets and side sponsons. Datasheet: Completion date: 09/11/2022 Power: electric (CaDa brick) Remote control: CaDa brick […]

Heartlake Times LEGO Friends fan blog

  • 2012-2022
    le 27 octobre 2022 à 12 h 22 min
  • Review: 41710 Surfer Beach Fun
    le 23 août 2022 à 13 h 54 min

    It's a nice day to have some sun and fun on the beach.

  • Review: 41712 Recycling Truck
    le 12 août 2022 à 5 h 02 min

    Little raccoon is a little too late. The waste-management crew has gotten to the trash cans first.

  • Review: DOTS 41960 Big Box
    le 2 août 2022 à 12 h 15 min

    DOTS Big Box decorated my way! The box top is a great way to change your room decor any time you want -- just use the handy heart-shaped Lavender tile remover -- and start over.

  • Review: 41716 Stephanie's Sailing...
    le 29 juillet 2022 à 1 h 59 min

    Ahoy. Stephanie is hoping to get her drone working to take a picture of the racing sail boat as it completes their sail around the world adventure.

BricksFanz Fuelling your LEGO® lifestyle

  • LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 94 Preview
    le 29 mars 2023 à 13 h 09 min

    The latest issue of the LEGO® Star Wars magazine is out next week and this month’s issue includes a new minibuild model. Issue 94 includes a mini version of an X-wing Starfighter, it also states […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive Will Let Share Custom...
    le 29 mars 2023 à 9 h 30 min

    LEGO® 2K Drive will let you build your own racing creations to take a spin around Bricklandia and it’s now been confirmed you’ll be able to share them for others to use. Visual Concepts have […]

  • New LEGO Space Art Book Revealed
    le 28 mars 2023 à 18 h 29 min

    It looks like LEGO® Books has added a new publishing partner to its ever-growing list, with IGN revealing a new LEGO art book from Dark Horse Books. The book in question is focused on the much-loved […]

  • Up To 20% Selected LEGO Sets At Smyths...
    le 28 mars 2023 à 16 h 43 min

    This Easter, Smyths Toys have up to 20% off selected LEGO® City, Friends, Star Wars and Marvel sets. Although this doesn’t sound overly exciting with so many other retailers such as Amazon […]

  • LEGO Easter 2023 GWP Sets Hands-on
    le 28 mars 2023 à 12 h 02 min

    There are still a few days left to get both of the current Easter-themed promotional LEGO® sets. Easter is one of the big seasonal holidays and we’re been treated to a number of sets inspired by […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 23 novembre 2022 à 8 h 29 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Le pirate s’était un peu assoupi… mais il veille quand même sur les MOCS présentés sur notre forum. Voici donc quelques créations postées dernièrement Rock Band […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 18 septembre 2022 à 9 h 21 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Voici quelques MOCs présentés dernièrement sur notre forum. Lampe à LED de CASTOR. N’hésitez pas à aller soutenir la nouvelle création de Castor Troy   […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 4 septembre 2022 à 13 h 06 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! En cette rentrée, retour sur quelques mocs postés ce mois ci. Naruto (maxifigure) de kementari89   Goomba de lokiloki   donjon et dragons microscale de seb71 L’arbre […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 27 août 2022 à 14 h 42 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! N’oubliez pas qu’il ne reste plus que quelques jours (jusqu’au 31 Août) pour élire son dragon préféré ICI ! Voici les dragons en lice  

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 3 juillet 2022 à 9 h 06 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! En cette période estivale, Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G de Veynom. Bien caché dans la forêt, le Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G (simple comme nom, non !) est prêt à fondre […]