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  • LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 5 h 45 min

    Le set LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75367 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser est déjà disponible dans une boutique de l'aéroport de Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie et on découvre donc […]

  • LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village :...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 21 h 20 min

    Bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore précommandé leur set LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village chez LEGO au prix public de 139.99 €, la FNAC propose actuellement une précommande sur cette […]

  • Très vite testé : LEGO Star Wars...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 10 h 36 min

    On fait aujourd'hui très rapidement le tour du contenu du set LEGO Star Wars 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship, une boite de 1083 pièces disponible sur la boutique officielle en ligne depuis le 1er […]

  • Chez Amazon : vente flash sur une...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 8 h 30 min

    Nouvelle vente flash LEGO chez Amazon avec une petite sélection de produits LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Technic, ICONS, Architecture, Minecraft ou encore CITY et Ninjago. Législation en […]

  • En kiosque : le numéro de septembre...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 17 h 46 min

    Le numéro de septembre 2023 du magazine officiel LEGO Marvel Avengers est actuellement en kiosque au prix de 6.99 € et il permet comme prévu d'obtenir une minifig de Groot déjà vue dans le set […]

Brickset LEGO news from Brickset

  • 75367 UCS Venator found in store
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 4 h 00 min

    The upcoming October Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series release, 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser, has been made available for sale early at KL International Airport's LEGO Brand Store in […]

  • Vintage set of the week: Building Set,...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 2 h 01 min

    This week's vintage set is 112 Building Set, 3+, released during 1977. It's one of 9 Universal Building Set sets produced that year. It contains 200 pieces.It's owned by 166 Brickset members. If you […]

  • Random minifig of the day: tls078
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 1 h 01 min

    Today's random minifigure is tls078 LEGO Brand Store Female, Pharaoh's Quest Blouse with Buttons, Belt and Necklace Pattern (no specific back printing) {Leeds}, a LEGO Brand figure that came in one […]

  • Random part of the day: Fabuland Ship...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 0 h 01 min

    Today's random part is 52395, 'Fabuland Ship Wheel', which is a System part, category Transportation Means, Ships. Our members collectively own a total of 124,089 of them. If you'd like to buy some […]

  • BrickLink opens MOC pop-up store
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 10 h 45 min

    BrickLink's MOC pop-up store is the marketplace's latest initiative to enable models submitted to its designer program to be purchased. 41 designs are being made available to buyers in the EEA, UK […]

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  • Tiny LEGO model of El Dorado hides a...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 19 h 00 min

    Justus M. (@justus_7236) treats us to a delightful microscale city scene with a heart of gold. The post Tiny LEGO model of El Dorado hides a surprising secret appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • Chainsaw Man: the demon-hunting...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Nothing embodies the madness of manga like this bust of Chainsaw Man by Japanese builder DeRa The post Chainsaw Man: the demon-hunting lumberjack’s superhero appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • Because the suburbs aren’t rural...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 19 h 00 min

    André Pinto (@brickthebrick15) shows us a slice of life out on the farm The post Because the suburbs aren’t rural enough appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • Dream big, build bigger
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Nick Jensen (@nickbrickbuilds) turns to Christopher Nolan's Inception for his latest life-size build The post Dream big, build bigger appeared first on The Brothers Brick.

  • In the future, navy ships will all be...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 19 h 00 min

    Ryan Olsen is back for another SHIPtember, and revisits an old favourite with a US Navy-inspired craft The post In the future, navy ships will all be 100 studs long and made of LEGO appeared first on […]

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  • LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator-Class...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 3 h 16 min

    Although LEGO hasn’t officially revealed it yet, the highly rumored LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (75367) has been found at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport of all […]

  • LEGO Ideas Projects Currently Under...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 23 h 22 min

    With the release of The Insect Collection (21342), LEGO has slowly trimming their list of LEGO Ideas sets that are still under development. The next set to come out is the Viking Village (21343) on […]

  • BrickLink MOC Pop-Up Store Officially...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 23 h 19 min

    The BrickLink MOC Pop-Up Store is now officially live and you can browse and purchase parts and instructions for your favorite BrickLink Designer Program submissions. There are 41 designs that vary […]

  • LEGO Ideas Great Temple of Abu Simbel...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 14 h 02 min

    The Great Temple of Abu Simbel – With Secret Treasure by ilPas is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The 3,000 piece build features the temple built by Ramessess II and […]

  • LEGO Masters Season 4 Cast Revealed
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 23 h 37 min

    The premiere of LEGO Masters Season 4 is just a few weeks away on September 28 and today, the cast of builders have been revealed. Teams of two will be building away for the title of LEGO Masters and […]

  • LEGO Programming at SDCC 2023 for...
    le 22 juillet 2023 à 7 h 02 min

    So there’s only one panel going on for today, Saturday July 22nd: LEGO Masters: Behind the Brick Friday July 21, 2023 4:00pm – 5:00pm PDT Room 25ABC Get a sneak peek at the exciting developments […]

  • The Captain America Statue Changed Today
    le 22 juillet 2023 à 6 h 46 min

    As a reminder, here’s what the Captain America looked like on preview night and yesterday, Thursday: The press release said it would change daily. I guess preview night didn’t really count as a […]

  • LEGO SDCC Brickbuster Prize Pack
    le 22 juillet 2023 à 6 h 27 min

    So while I was meandering casually around the LEGO booth, someone redeemed a Brickbuster case. And I had the opportunity to view the prize pack. First up is what you see in the featured image, set […]

  • LEGO Giveaways at SDCC 2023
    le 21 juillet 2023 à 6 h 23 min

    I’m slightly annoyed writing this because the information I got from various people working at the LEGO booth regarding all of their giveaways was incorrect. Now it could be that at the time I was […]

  • LEGO’s Brickbuster Video Booth at...
    le 20 juillet 2023 à 8 h 47 min

    I almost didn’t make it to Comic Con this year. It all really came down to the wire due to a multitude of reasons but things worked out and I am super grateful for everyone who made it possible. […]

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  • LEGO Masters 2023 Aftershow-Talk zu...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 13 h 29 min

    Heute Abend um 20:15 geht es auf RTL mit der zweiten Folge der aktuellen LEGO Masters 2023 Staffel weiter. Nachdem in der letzten Woche Scherin und Dennis ausgeschieden sind, kämpfen die […]

  • LEGO 75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 18 h 21 min

    Das LEGO 75372 Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle Pack, welches am 1. Januar 2024 erscheinen wird, könnte das in den Augen vieler LEGO Star Wars Fans beste Battle Pack aller Zeiten werden. […]

  • LEGO Gringotts Zaubererbank (76417):...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 12 h 26 min

    Einige Tage nach dem Verkaufsstart der neuen LEGO Gringotts Zaubererbank haben die Dänen jetzt eines der beliebten Designer Videos zu dem Harry Potter Set auf YouTube veröffentlicht. Die Designer […]

  • Amazon: LEGO Star Wars Ahsokas Clone...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 7 h 49 min

    Gute Nachrichten für alle Army-Builder! Das LEGO Star Wars 75359 Ahsokas Clone Trooper der 332. Kompanie Battlepack bekommt ihr gerade bei Amazon mit knapp 28% Rabatt, ihr zahlt also 15,09 Euro, die […]

  • LEGO Disney’s Wish: 3 neue Sets zum...
    le 5 septembre 2023 à 14 h 08 min

    Soeben hat LEGO drei neue Sets zum kommenden Kinofilm Wish enthüllt, welche am 1. Oktober erhältlich sein werden. Die Sets kosten zwischen 20,99 Euro und 94,99 Euro und bestehen aus bis zu 613 […]

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  • [US] LEGO Classic 790 Pieces Large...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 3 h 56 min

    Amazon USA currently has two LEGO Classic Brick Box sets on sale .They also have an 18+ LEGO Botanical Collection set on sale. Details below. … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. [US] LEGO Classic […]

  • LEGO IDEAS Great Temple of Abu Simbel...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 3 h 34 min

    The latest LEGO IDEAS project creation to achieve 10 000 supporters is LEGO IDEAS Great Temple of Abu Simbel – With Secret Treasure Project Creation … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO IDEAS […]

  • 18+ LEGO IDEAS Insect Collection & 18+...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 5 h 29 min

    Two new LEGO September 2023 sets are now officially released to the general public at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). These new sets include 18+ … © Toys N Bricks: […]

  • LEGO Harry Potter 40598 Gringotts Vault...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 5 h 11 min

    Within a few days of the promotion going live, LEGO Harry Potter 40598 Gringotts Vault GWP is now sold out in US, Canada and UK … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. LEGO Harry Potter 40598 Gringotts […]

  • US LEGO Toy Deals & Sales Weekly List...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 4 h 57 min

    At Toys N Bricks, we publish individual LEGO Toy Deals & Sales USA (U.S.) articles as deals appear. Every other Wednesday (bi-weekly), we also provide … © Toys N Bricks: 2009-Present. US LEGO […]

Stuck In Plastic The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers

  • TGIF – Board games
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 5 h 32 min

    🎲🏆 This weekend’s theme is all about SPORTS – BOARD GAMES 🎲🏅 Get ready to capture the fun and excitement of classic and modern games with us for this weekend’s photo challenge! […]

  • TGIF – Smurfs
    le 1 septembre 2023 à 4 h 36 min

    The card for this week is J (or Kn, V, or B) of diamonds which gets us Smurfs. So far, we’ve photographed Playmobil and Barbie as part of the “Toys” series. This week we will focus on those […]

  • TGIF – Comic Book
    le 25 août 2023 à 3 h 16 min

    The card for week 34 is 5 of comic book (noun) – a magazine that presents a serialized story in the form of a comic strip, typically featuring the adventures of a superhero. ”…typically […]

  • TGIF – Spaceship
    le 18 août 2023 à 5 h 18 min

    The card for this week is 10 of If you haven’t heard already, aliens are real. Well… according to a whistle-blower the US has been “covering up alien life” for decades. You might have missed […]

  • TGIF – Actor
    le 11 août 2023 à 5 h 00 min

    Time to focus on some famous individuals. In March we looked at some influential scientists (real and fictional). This week, we’re going to focus on famous actors. Though some might argue that they […]

StoneWars Der LEGO Blog mit News, Gerüchten und Reviews

  • LEGO Star Wars 75367 Venator-Klasse...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 7 h 17 min

    Der Oktober wird ein grandioser Monat für LEGO Star Wars Fan, denen bisher zu wenig Sets basierend auf der Prequel-Trilogie und The Clone Wars erschienen sind, denn der LEGO Star Wars 75367 […]

  • BrickLink MOC Pop-Up Store ist online:...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 7 h 50 min

    Update (8. September, 09:50 Uhr): Mit einigen Tagen Verspätung (ursprünglich war der 29. August geplant), ist am Mittwoch der neue “MOC Pop-Up Store” bei Bricklink online gegangen. Hiermit […]

  • LEGO Podcast Folge 210:...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 22 h 01 min

    Die Sommerpause ist vorbei! Zeit für eine XXL-Folge vom StoneWars LEGO News Podcast voller LEGO News aus der Vergangenheit und aktueller Befindlichkeiten der beiden Hauptprotagonisten. Wir sprechen […]

  • LEGO Ideas Pick a Brick Builds: Sieben...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 14 h 06 min

    Vor einem Jahr startete LEGO die Ideas Test Lab Challenge, in der zunächst ausschließlich dazu eingeladene Nutzer vor die Herausforderung gestellt wurden, kleine Modelle aus höchstens 200 Teilen […]

  • LEGO Gringotts Zaubererbank (76417):...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 10 h 53 min

    Zu fast jedem großen LEGO Set erscheint über kurz oder lang ein Video, in dem die beteiligten Designer dieses vorstellen und einen kleinen Einblick in den Entstehungsprozess und die Ideen hinter […]

Jay's Brick Blog A blog about LEGO bricks

  • First look at the LEGO 75367 UCS...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 2 h 09 min

    We have the very first photos of the upcoming LEGO 75367 UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser! This massive 5,374-piece set has not been officially revealed by LEGO, but I was sent these photos […]

  • Please stop ripping open LEGO...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 7 h 35 min

    We’re about a week into the release of LEGO Marvel Minifigures Series 2 and the transition from blind bags to blind boxes has… not been pretty. There have been countless reports and photos of […]

  • A Comprehensive History of LEGO Star...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 23 h 54 min

    While they initially met mixed reviews upon their release, the Star Wars prequel trilogy has grown to become a beloved part of the franchise. One popular aspect was the introduction of new iconic […]

  • Three LEGO sets based on Disney’s...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 5 h 31 min

    Yesterday, LEGO unveiled a trio of sets for the upcoming Disney animated movie, Wish, which is set to be released in theatres in November 2023. Housed within the LEGO Disney Princess sub-theme, […]

  • Review: LEGO 21343 Viking Village
    le 5 septembre 2023 à 14 h 20 min

    LEGO Ideas continues its strong run to close out 2023, with 21343 Viking Village, an impressive homage to classic LEGO Vikings, which back in 2005-2006 were an extension of LEGO’s Castle theme. […]

Bricking Around Australian LEGO­® Fan Blog

  • Happy Father’s Day
    le 2 septembre 2023 à 23 h 11 min

    Happy Father’s Day to the AFOL dads, and all the dads helping out with their kid’s creations.

  • 40598 Gringotts Vault GWP is a tempting...
    le 2 septembre 2023 à 12 h 34 min

    I had a mysterious package turn up yesterday from LEGO. It was a little small to be a Gringottss Bank, but it was close – 40598 Gringotts Vault. This GWP ...

  • What’s new for September
    le 31 août 2023 à 10 h 48 min

    September may not be as packed as August when it comes to new LEGO releases but there is still plenty to be excited about. If you are a Harry Potter ...

  • First look at 21343 The Viking Village
    le 31 août 2023 à 0 h 21 min

    Thanks to a French retailer we have a first look at the upcoming 21343 Le Village Viking, or in English The Viking Village. Official details for the set should be ...

  • On sale: 20% off LEGO at Big W online
    le 15 août 2023 à 22 h 54 min

    Big W have just launched a new online only sale. On offer is 20% off almost all LEGO (excluding clearance stuff). This offer runs for two days only so you’ll ...

The Brick Show LEGO News & Happenings

  • New LEGO Disney Wish Sets Officially...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 10 h 51 min

    LEGO has once again captured the hearts of LEGO Disney fans with the official release of three enchanting LEGO Disney Wish sets.  In case you missed it, check out the animated film’s official […]

  • Explore the Details of the LEGO Ideas...
    le 5 septembre 2023 à 23 h 46 min

    If you’re a LEGO enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the exciting news from last week. LEGO has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the LEGO Ideas Viking Village 21343 set, consisting of a remarkable […]

  • LEGO Ideas Second 2023 Review Presents...
    le 5 septembre 2023 à 22 h 13 min

    The highly anticipated LEGO Ideas Second 2023 Review period has successfully concluded, unveiling a remarkable lineup of 49 projects that have garnered an impressive 10,000 supporters within the past […]

  • LEGO Launches LEGO Insiders Treasure...
    le 22 août 2023 à 14 h 05 min

    Are you ready for an adventure like no other? The LEGO Group is thrilled to introduce the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt, an exhilarating journey where LEGO fans, young and old alike, can have the […]

  • LEGO Unveils the LEGO Ideas 21342...
    le 18 août 2023 à 19 h 27 min

    In case you’ve missed it, the LEGO Group has announced the upcoming release of its 50th product from its fan-sourced platform, LEGO Ideas.  Originally conceived by LEGO fan José María Pérez […]

  • These Chopper Cereal Treats Are...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 17 h 43 min

    Whether you need a droid to help maintain your ship or take out a full battalion, C1-10P is the astromech for you. Also known as Chopper, Hera Syndulla's loyal companion is the feisty friend/enemy […]

  • Fan Spotlight: A Tale of Two Sabines
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    A family of Mandalorian Mercs has been celebrating Sabine Wren in cosplay since 2014.

  • Watch Ahsoka in Theaters at the...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 16 h 46 min

    Check out the new poster and get details on how you can experience the next episode of Ahsoka on the big screen in a city near you on September 12.

  • Quiz: What Percent Sabine Wren Are You?
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 15 h 00 min

    Find out how much you have in common with Ahsoka Tano’s colorful apprentice.

  • Ahsoka Extras: “Part Three: Time to...
    le 4 septembre 2023 à 13 h 05 min

    See stills from the episode and new character posters!

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  • Had so much fun putting this together...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 6 h 02 min

    submitted by /u/DJWidget74 [link] [comments]

  • Xenomorph Attack!
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 4 h 56 min

    “It’s okay we’ve sealed the door we’re safe now.” - some unfortunate marine submitted by /u/Gopokes91 [link] [comments]

  • Star Wars collection
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 4 h 20 min

    submitted by /u/Ranga-Banga [link] [comments]

  • Name Him
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 3 h 02 min

    I'm thinking Draculus submitted by /u/Timber2702 [link] [comments]

  • My Grandparents storage
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 2 h 24 min

    Probably totals around $4,000, every box/bag is organized and complete. I am not an expert with old lego but I am fairly certain Eldorado Fortress has the highest value at around $270 used. […]

zusammengebaut LEGO News Blog

  • LEGO Star Wars UCS 75367 Venator-class...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 6 h 53 min

    Der LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser zeigt sich: Erste Infos.

  • LEGO auf dem Mond! National Air and...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 6 h 45 min

    Das National Air und Space Museum in Washington D.C. hat auch LEGO zu bieten – aber ein irdischer Umstand beendete den Besuch prompt.

  • LEGO Friends 41749 Nachrichtenwagen im...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 9 h 07 min

    Der Eulenbaum soll gefällt werden. Der LEGO Friends 41749 Nachrichtenwagen ist schon vor Ort und wir berichten aus dem Baustudio.

  • Skandal! Statt LEGO Dots zum...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 6 h 59 min

    Gibt es Juristen unter unseren Lesern? Ich bin da an einem ganz großen Ding dran: LEGO Dots hat es womöglich nie gegeben!

  • Karls Erlebnis-Dorf in Zirkow auf...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 8 h 35 min

    Auf der Insel Rügen findet sich in Zirkow ein Karls Erlebnis-Dorf: Ein Erfahrungsbericht mit „Höhen und Tiefen“ – viele Bilder.

The Rambling Brick A casual meander through the world of a LEGO® Fan.

  • Halloween BAM Figures Spotted in the...
    le 30 août 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Here we are on the eve of the final quarter of the year and our local LEGO Certified Store has already put the new Build-a-Minifigure (BAM) elements in the station, and loaded up some new figures […]

  • New ways to Play with the LEGO® City...
    le 28 août 2023 à 11 h 34 min

    The New LEGO 60367 Passenger Aircraft does things no LEGO Plane has done before. The Catering Truck, Luggage ULDs to the Pushback tug bring new action to the tarmac. The Plane itself features video […]

  • LEGO® Braille Bricks Come Home
    le 24 août 2023 à 9 h 01 min

    When the LEGO Foundation’s support of Braille Bricks, as an aid to teach the Braille alphabet to blind children and their families was announced back in 2019, the acclaim was universal. When they […]

  • Jurassic Jeeps And Other Designer...
    le 22 août 2023 à 8 h 41 min

    A little earlier this year, I put the two 2023 Jurassic Park sets containing the iconic Jeep Wrangler side by side, as a comparision of building techniques. I found the jeeps to be sufficienty […]

  • Announcing the LEGO Insiders Treasure...
    le 21 août 2023 à 13 h 25 min

    Following on from last week’s announcement of the LEGO® VIP Program being rebranded as LEGO Insiders, the team are excited to announce the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt, giving you the chance to win […]

Jedi News Broadcasting Star Wars News Across the Galaxy

  • Dark Droids #2 Goes to Second Printing
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 8 h 43 min

    Dark Droids #2 has followed on from the success of issue 1 by going to a second printing. The post Dark Droids #2 Goes to Second Printing appeared first on Jedi News.

  • The Creator | Special Look | 20th...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 3 h 36 min

    Watch a special look at The Creator, and experience the movie only in cinemas from September 28th in the UK, and September 29th in the USA. The post The Creator | Special Look | 20th Century Studios […]

  • Galactic War Report #358: The Night of...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 2 h 58 min

    Galactic War Report returns with episode 358. The post Galactic War Report #358: The Night of 1,000 Holds appeared first on Jedi News.

  • Peter Cushing’s Star Wars Slippers Up...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 23 h 09 min

    These might very well be the slippers you're looking for, as Peter Cushing's slippers worn during the filming of Star Wars: A New Hope, because his leather boots were too tight, go up for auction […]

  • Go Back to School with Indiana Jones...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 22 h 17 min

    Before Indiana Jones discovered the lost Ark or the Dial of Destiny he was a student with a passion for learning, and Lucasfilm take a look back at Young Indy’s earliest episodes and his […]

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  • LEGO® Friends review & MOC: 41747...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 2 h 27 min

    The June 2023 wave of LEGO® Friends releases continues to fly the flag for thoughtfully-designed sets in vibrant colours, and 41747 Heartlake City Community Kitchen is no exception. It includes four […]

  • LEGO® DREAMZzz™ review: 71456 Mrs....
    le 31 août 2023 à 2 h 56 min

    As a kid, I was far more interested in the diverse members of the animal kingdom than cars. In our dreams the distinction is far less clear, as shown by these two LEGO® DREAMZzz™ sets, 71456 Mrs. […]

  • LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Sonic review: sets...
    le 28 août 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Sonic is on a roll. After an appearance in LEGO® Dimensions and LEGO® Ideas, the franchise has gotten its own theme. We will give you a full report on all the new elements in this theme soon, but […]

  • LEGO® Friends review: 41744 Sports...
    le 24 août 2023 à 2 h 06 min

    Continuing our look at the June 2023 wave of  LEGO® Friends sets, 41744 Sports Center offers a small range of new recolours, a colourful selection of lesser-seen elements and a build that makes […]

  • LEGO® parts 73763, 73764 & 3863: A...
    le 21 août 2023 à 6 h 01 min

    Earlier this year LEGO® City 60372 Police Training Academy introduced a new type of worm gear; Technic Worm Gear 6M with Axle Hole in Light Bluish Gray and the accompanying Brick Special 2 x 2 x […]

  • Up To Us: The BrickBuilding...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 14 h 00 min

    Cancer affects so many people in the world, the LEGO community included. Hear from guest contributor Brian Saviano about the incredible things the BrickBuilding Community on Twitch is doing to […]

  • Illegal SNOT: Stressful Techniques For...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Illegal techniques cause stress on LEGO elements, but we’re going to break the rules! These are all the illegal SNOT techniques for sideways building and stud reversal to make your creations […]

  • Missile With A Man In It: The LEGO...
    le 6 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    It’s time to go supersonic with Mach 2-capable LEGO! Luca Gaudenzi talks about the F-104 Starfighter and other high-speed subjects.

  • LEGO Contest Round-Up for September 2023
    le 5 septembre 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Check out all these challenges for September 2023. There are MOCs to be built and prizes to be won!

  • Everything You Want to Know About LEGO...
    le 4 septembre 2023 à 14 h 10 min

    Take off with us into the blue skies above to look at every LEGO model airplane ever created. From the Concorde to the Sopwith Camel, these are all the LEGO scale models of real airplanes from […]

Candidbricks A LEGO® news site for all

  • From LEGO VIP to LEGO Insiders : LEGO...
    le 15 août 2023 à 6 h 07 min

    LEGO has announced that it will be doing away with the current direct LEGO VIP membership program and replacing it with a new dynamic membership program named LEGO INSIDERS starting 21st August 2023 […]

  • LEGO Review – 71453 Izzie and the...
    le 28 juin 2023 à 13 h 00 min

    Here’s our early review on the upcoming 71453 Izzie and the Bunchu Bunny from the all-new Dreamzzz theme. They are under pre-order on and will be on general retail in August 2023. Box […]

  • LEGO 2K Drive – a test drive review!
    le 27 juin 2023 à 1 h 53 min

    LEGO 2K Drive – a test drive review This game combines the tried and proven “Mario Kart” type concept with open world maps and ability to customise vehicle just like playing with digital LEGO […]

  • LEGO NINJAGO Training Academy at...
    le 6 juin 2023 à 3 h 11 min

    A LEGO Ninjago event is happening in Compass One Singapore (Sengkang) in conjunction with the new merged realms of LEGO Ninjago with brand new characters, products and an animated TV show created […]

  • LEGO announces DREAMZzz, Youtube...
    le 2 mai 2023 à 12 h 02 min

    LEGO will be launching a brand new show which follows the adventures of school friends, Mateo, Izzie, Cooper, Logan and Zoey, as they join a secret agency and learn to use the power of imagination to […] Sariel's custom LEGO Technic creations

  • Mechanical Flip Calendar
    le 18 août 2023 à 21 h 35 min

    My second LEGO Ideas project featuring a flip mechanism. Datasheet: Completion date: 18/08/2023 Power: none Remote control: none Dimensions: length 47s / width 16s / height 13s Last year I have […]

  • Mindstorms Pen Plotter
    le 18 août 2023 à 20 h 41 min

    My first pen plotter project inspired by the classic LEGO Technic Control Center set.   Datasheet: Completion date: 10/08/2023 Power: electric (Mindstorms brick) Language: Scratch Bricks: 1 Motors: […]

  • Aliens Took My Cow!
    le 18 août 2023 à 19 h 55 min

    Second take on my LEGO Ideas project featuring a magnetically suspended cow. Datasheet: Completion date: 08/08/2023 Power: none Remote control: none Dimensions: length 13s / width 13s / height 37s 2 […]

  • Magnetic Fridge Climber
    le 19 juillet 2023 à 12 h 05 min

    A simple walking mechanism using magnets to climb a fridge.   Datasheet: Completion date: 03/07/2023 Power: electric (BuWizz 2.0) Remote control: BuWizz 2.0 Dimensions: length 47s / width 19s / […]

  • 2022 Summary & 2023 Plans
    le 5 juin 2023 à 9 h 46 min

    Summary of yet another year of building and plans for the year ahead. So, I didn’t publish any summary or plans last year, because I was discouraged by YouTube suppressing my channel and by my […]

Heartlake Times LEGO Friends fan blog

  • 2012-2022
    le 27 octobre 2022 à 12 h 22 min
  • Review: 41710 Surfer Beach Fun
    le 23 août 2022 à 13 h 54 min

    It's a nice day to have some sun and fun on the beach.

  • Review: 41712 Recycling Truck
    le 12 août 2022 à 5 h 02 min

    Little raccoon is a little too late. The waste-management crew has gotten to the trash cans first.

  • Review: DOTS 41960 Big Box
    le 2 août 2022 à 12 h 15 min

    DOTS Big Box decorated my way! The box top is a great way to change your room decor any time you want -- just use the handy heart-shaped Lavender tile remover -- and start over.

  • Review: 41716 Stephanie's Sailing...
    le 29 juillet 2022 à 1 h 59 min

    Ahoy. Stephanie is hoping to get her drone working to take a picture of the racing sail boat as it completes their sail around the world adventure.

BricksFanz Fuelling your LEGO® lifestyle

  • LEGO UCS Venator Appears In Airport...
    le 9 septembre 2023 à 8 h 07 min

    The long-rumoured but unannounced LEGO® Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Venator set has been revealed by a LEGO airport store. The 5374-piece set was found on the shelves of the store at Kuala […]

  • How LEGO Spider-Man Entered The...
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 15 h 40 min

    Earlier this year, LEGO® Spider-Man made a surprise appearance in Sony’s animated Spider-Verse sequel, Across the Spider-Verse. The brief visit to Earth-13122 may have been nothing but a fun […]

  • 76249: Venomised Groot Set Review
    le 8 septembre 2023 à 9 h 37 min

    Last year, the Guardian of the Galaxy’s adorable Flora Colossus got his own animated Disney+ series. As well as having his own adventures, Groot was also the inspiration for a buildable version of […]

  • BrickLink MOC Pop-up Store Now Open
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 20 h 02 min

    Back in July, BrickLink announced a new initiative called the MOC Pop-up Store. This would allow fan designers to share and earn money from their instructions as well as harness the vast collection […]

  • 40613: Mini Disney Palace Of Agrabah...
    le 7 septembre 2023 à 13 h 18 min

    It’s been a big year for Disney, with many of the LEGO® Disney sets celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary. Although this set I’ll be taking a look at today is inspired by an important […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 14 juillet 2023 à 9 h 32 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Comment ça, il est encore en vie le pirate ? mais oui, il était juste parti sur une ile déserte pour y enfouir un trésor 😉 Trêve de plaisanterie, moussaillon ! je […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 23 novembre 2022 à 8 h 29 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Le pirate s’était un peu assoupi… mais il veille quand même sur les MOCS présentés sur notre forum. Voici donc quelques créations postées dernièrement Rock Band […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 18 septembre 2022 à 9 h 21 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! Voici quelques MOCs présentés dernièrement sur notre forum. Lampe à LED de CASTOR. N’hésitez pas à aller soutenir la nouvelle création de Castor Troy   […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 4 septembre 2022 à 13 h 06 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! En cette rentrée, retour sur quelques mocs postés ce mois ci. Naruto (maxifigure) de kementari89   Goomba de lokiloki   donjon et dragons microscale de seb71 L’arbre […]

  • Dans la lorgnette du pirate
    le 27 août 2022 à 14 h 42 min

    Oyez, oyez chers pirates ! N’oubliez pas qu’il ne reste plus que quelques jours (jusqu’au 31 Août) pour élire son dragon préféré ICI ! Voici les dragons en lice